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A mask system to keep you safe and organized

Woman puts on young girl's mask

Over the past year, masks have become an integral part of life—both to protect ourselves and those around us. With experts suggesting masks may still be necessary into 2022, it’s important to find an organizational system for them that works for you and your household. Whether you opt for a N95, KN95, disposable medical mask, or cloth mask, Imagine It Done has the mask organization solution that’s right for you.

Here are some tips to consider when creating a mask organization system.

  • How many family members are in your household? Is it necessary to designate a separate place for each person’s masks? If you have children, do you have masks in multiple sizes?

  • If you use cloth masks, it is important to be able to easily distinguish between clean masks and dirty masks. Designate an area, hook, basket, bin, or laundry bag for dirty masks to be placed after use.

  • Location matters! Choose the most functional place for your mask system, whether it’s in the entryway, garage, coat closet, mudroom, etc.

  • If you use disposable masks that come individually packaged, leave them in their packaging when organizing to ensure they stay clean before use.

There are a variety of ways to display, store, and organize masks. Hook systems are best for cloth mask organization, allowing you to easily distinguish between individuals and providing a functional system that even children can utilize.

This wall-mounted four-hook rack is sturdy, beautiful, and easily repurposed.

Wall-mounted four hook rack

This magnet-mounted key hook system is sleek and minimalist and features a container slot behind the hooks.

magnet-mounted key hook system

This brass hook system features three pairs of hooks with a shelf for decor.

brass hook system for mask organization

This acrylic caddy with hooks system could easily be wall mounted and provides sufficient room for KN95, N95, disposable masks, or inventory cloth masks behind the hooks.

acrylic caddy with hooks system

To keep dirty masks separate from clean masks, hang a mesh laundry bag on a hook! This allows you to throw the entire bag in the laundry, keeping masks protected from damage and contamination during the cleansing process.

These mesh laundry bags from Amazon come in three sizes and have loops that will fit on any hook system.

mesh laundry bags

Wall mounted dispensers are a great way to contain disposable masks, and this two-compartment acrylic organizer is as beautiful as it is functional.

two-compartment acrylic organizer

Tissue boxes can be used as a chic disposable mask dispenser on a table, console, or shelf.

Tissue boxes used for mask storage

These lidded containers protect your masks and come in a variety of sizes.

Lidded storage

This four-pack mask organizer is a great option for anyone with a variety of mask types or sizes.

Four pack mask organizer

Don’t forget to keep your masks organized outside of the home, too! This pouch is ideal for cloth masks, with two separate pouches for clean and dirty masks.

Mask pouch

For compact, mask organization on-the-go, this case safely contains disposable masks and protects them from contamination, fitting easily in your bag, coat, or pocket.

mask storage case

Never lose track of your mask with a stylish mask chain, from Hang on Blang, that comes in many designs and is compatible with every type of mask!

Mask chain

Remember what the experts say -- any mask is better than no mask at all.


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