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Our Partners

Here are some of the home services we love. We have worked with each of these businesses ourselves, and they are a great asset to our clients as well.

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BabyLuxe is a rental and consignment marketplace for brand name baby apparel. They carry baby and toddler sizes in clothing brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Gucci, Moschino, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, and dozens more.


Babies grow up so fast! Rent designer items from BabyLuxe and return them when they no longer fit. BabyLuxe has multiple subscription options so that you don’t have to spend a fortune (or clutter up your baby’s closet) in order to keep your little one looking cute.


BabyLuxe has a very high bar for quality. They sanitize and launder every item before it changes hands.


Cleaning out your little ones’ closet? BabyLuxe makes it easy (and free) to send out your unwanted and outgrown items, so you can earn money AND maintain an organized space.

Alterknit logo


Alterknit is the home of invisible repair. We don’t patch and we don’t darn. We are the ultimate repair service and take care of your clothing as if they are our own. We work with you to determine the scope of service you need. Our unmatched team works diligently to restore your items. Your items come back to you repaired and ready to enjoy again.

Junk Luggers Logo


The Junkluggers is an eco-friendly junk removal company committed to providing an elevated customer experience and bettering the environment and communities they serve. With sustainable disposal services, you can easily discard unwanted junk of all kinds - and feel good about it! Their team of friendly professionals will remove your junk and donate it to local nonprofits and charities. If they are unable to donate or repurpose an item, they will make every effort to ensure it’s carefully broken down and recycled. 


 Junk removal services include, but are not limited to:

  • Residential junk removal 

  • Curbside pick-up 

  • E-waste removal/recycling

  • Construction site cleanouts 

  • Senior downsizing 

  • Estate cleanouts 

  • Furniture removal 

  • Storage unit cleanouts 

Luggage Free logo

Luggage Free

Experience safe, door-to-door delivery of your luggage, golf clubs, boxes, bikes, skis, and snowboards with Luggage Free's premier shipping service. Just pack and ship your bags ahead to any worldwide destination to enjoy a hassle-free travel experience. Avoid the inconvenience of carrying, checking, and claiming baggage at the airport. Luggage Free will pick up your bags from your residence, business, or hotel and deliver them on-time, guaranteed to ensure that you save time and arrive stress-free.

Tote Taxi Logo

Tote Taxi

Tote Taxi is a luxury luggage courier services specifically for people traveling to and from The Hamptons. They can transport anything from suitcases, golf clubs, and strollers.


How it works

  •  Schedule a pickup and a courier will meet you at your door.

  • You travel to the Hamptons luggage and stress free.​


At Imagine it Done, we love that the clients we help move to the Hamptons no longer need to make multiple trips each summer bringing all their belongings because their car is too small.

Roadway Moving Logo

Roadway Moving

Moving to a new home is a major life event. Roadway movers in New York feel at home without having to even unpack a box. 

How it works:

  • Imagine it Done handles the “soft pack up” – including soft items (everything that doesn’t require a mover or the need to be wrapped i.e fragile items)

  • Roadway packs up all the furniture, loads into the truck first, making it easier and more time efficient for the Imagine It Done team.

  • They will then retrieve the clothing and other soft packed items we need to begin unpacking to set up the new home. 

Roadway and Imagine it Done will work together to provide a seamless moving experience where you don’t have to lift a finger.

little elves logo

Little Elves

Professionally trained “Elves” bring a single-minded focus to their work that produces deep-down clean that goes well beyond the superficial. They are on a mission to root out dirt wherever it lurks, leaving behind nothing but a fresh scent and a smile on your face.

What they offer:

  • post-construction/renovation cleaning

  • maintenance cleaning: daily, weekly, and monthly

  • housekeeper training to better maintain the home

When you are moving into a new space, we know how stressful it can be, especially when the last tenant, or contractors have left the place in havoc. It is during our consultation when we propose the need for this reliable and much needed service. We recommend that Little Elves will arrive and do their magic, setting up a home ready for our room to room organization. An organized space must be a clean space.  

Many of our clients ask for our recommended cleaning services. Little Elves offer the deep clean pre-move, as well as a weekly service.  

California Closets Logo

California Closets

California Closets offers a white glove service and believes exceptional design transforms people’s lives. Home is more than just a place – it is a source of comfort and refuge. Everything that is done at California Closets is rooted in their commitment to offer quality custom storage solutions that help people become better versions of themselves, with more time and space to focus on what matters most.

Imagine it Done works with their expert designers on curating and customizing a dream closet to maximize and create a space that is functional. We are the voice for the client, by learning their needs, likes/dislikes and understanding their lifestyle.

The edit process we typically propose is extremely instrumental in trimming the life long collections to be what you truly need, eliminating the unnecessary so the necessary can speak. This makes the closet build out more functional.

Versatile Renovations Logo

Versatile Renovations

Versatile Renovations is a residential contractor that provide a wide range of services, including kitchen and bathroom remodeling, house painting. Additionally they are expert in Elfa systems, the removable wall systems for all closets and rooms in your home. 

Versatile Renovations provides an easy and less costly option to build out closets by adding a wall, door and drawer options to closets, bathrooms and kitchens. Imagine It Done will bring Versatile Renovations into a project when the space and the budget is limited. An Imagine it Done staff member will work with the contractor to review, measure and assess your needs within all the spaces. Versatile will then provide the design. 

J. Bespoke logo


In partnership with NYC speakeasy cocktail lounge J.Bespoke, Imagine It Done has launched its very own bottled cocktail, which you now can enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

Find out more about how to order your bottled Imagine it Done Cocktail by clicking below.  

mycube safe logo

Mycube Safe

Mycube is dedicated to designing beautiful, high-quality products for secure home organization, because they understand the peace of mind that radiates from a home of well-kept essentials. With roots in lock-and-key security and vault-making, they have  evolved to incorporate today’s technology, smart home design, and a philosophy that taking charge of how you organize your life can be a transformative experience.

MyCube Safe’s products keep your things safe, sound, and easy to find – all with a high degree of aesthetic attention blended with the newest technology, going hand in hand with the mission of Imagine It Done. With the sleek and functional design, your most valuable belongings will be right where you need them, without taking precious space out of your closet. 

EZ Packing

EZPacking Logo

Packing can be stressful no matter where you're headed. Whether you're bumming on the beach or hitting the slopes, EzPacking is the stress-free solution that makes preparing for your trip easy and convenient! Each EzPacking cube should contain a category, whether that's t-shirts, bathing suits, or even accessories.

Both EzPacking and Imagine it Done aim to make you and your suitcase feel organized and ready to conquer the world, one packing cube at a time. It’s incredibly satisfying to open your suitcase and know exactly where everything is. Even unpacking becomes easier: Packing cubes will keep your clothes compressed and folded flat or neatly rolled, meaning no wrinkles. Once you’re settled in, all you need to do is take the cubes directly into the drawers of your hotel’s dresser, unzip, and you’re set.

Use code imagineitdone for 15% off your purchase.

Rosa's Laundry Logo

Rosa's Laundry

Rosa's Laundry provides laundry and dry cleaning done right in a New York minute. Trust that your high end linens and designer clothing will have the best possible care! All items are hand washed and hand ironed, preserving your fine luxury bedding and making it look its best. Rosa’s uses all hypoallergenic eco-friendly detergents and includes free pick up and delivery 7 days a week.

Email or DM us on Instagram for an introduction and don’t forget to mention Imagine it Done.

Farbinique Logo


Fabrinique specializes in making custom size inserts for closet items such as purses or handbags. Their custom sizing allows one insert to be used for those extra large totes or odd shaped handbags! Their luxury collection of purse pillows, boot stuffers, purse duster bags, laundry bags, shoe bags, shoe box pads and garment covers are all designed and manufactured in North Hollywood, California USA.

Who doesn’t love a well-organized and beautiful closet? Whether you have one designer bag or a whole collection, Fabrinique’s inserts will help your purses to maintain their shape and luster for years to come! 

Use code imagine10 at checkout for a 10% discount on your purchase. 

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