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How we work

Imagine it Done offers a variety of professional home organization services in the New York Tri-State Area and beyond. We review every area of the home with our expert knowledge and systems to create function for your home, budget, and lifestyle. Please see below for the services we offer and contact us to schedule a consultation today.

Organized closet with colorful clothing

Virtual Consultation

For a limited time, rather than our typical on-site consultations, we are offering virtual consults for clients nation-wide! No matter where you are located, Imagine it Done can assist in your organization process the DIY way.  

In-Person Consultation

For every new project, we begin with a consultation. Two members of the Imagine it Done team will join you in your home to gather information that will be used to formulate a plan and calculate an estimate. ​

Lisa Jacobs with a client in front of an organized master closet by color
pictures of a organized pantry

The Organize

Whether you are moving into a new home or just in need of an organizational overhaul, we work with your needs to create order and maximize every space of your home for function. We declutter and organize any space including closets, kitchens, bedrooms, playrooms, and more, following our signature 5 step process.

"Sit back, relax and watch the magic happen"

"Imagine It Done has completely changed, not only our apartment and the space we live in, but my entire mood and energy. Before I felt so out of control and trapped with no space. I didn’t know how much I truly needed this reorganization and “junk purge” until I truly saw the results and watched the process. The Imagine It Done experience itself truly allows you to sit back, relax and watch the magic happen. My biggest fear was having to do work and boy, was I wrong! I appreciated that the team gave me the option to be as involved as I want - checking with me on the importance of certain items but letting me nap in my room while the heavy lifting was being executed. Lisa herself showed up at the end to ensure we were happy and the results were up to her standards. We can’t wait to do the second phase soon, however, in the meantime living in a space I can honestly say I’m proud of. If you’re contemplating it, I’d say it’s a 100% recommendation for me!" 

- Happy Client

Closet and Remodel Makeovers

Imagine it Done isn’t just about organizing, we also believe in functional design. In collaboration with our portfolio of trusted designers, our team works as creative visionaries to create customized, built-in systems to maximize space around your home.

Closet organized with acrylic hangers
Soft storage bags with zippers

The Move

Moving to a new home and not sure where to begin? Leave it to us. Imagine It Done understands and manages a move with ease. We connect with the moving company of your choice. From there we assist in all coordination, pack up your current space, and unpack & organize your new home. Let us choreograph your move every step of the way for a seamless transition.

Beyond the Home

Imagine it Done also extends its organizational services beyond the home to the following:  

  • Storage units 

  • Second homes

  • Vacation pack-up 

  • Household staff training

  • Tutorials

Lisa Jacobs, Founder of Imagine it Done

Give the gift of an organized life and mind with an Imagine it Done gift card!

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