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Imagine it Done in the Press

We love partnering with influencers, lifestyle media, retailers and others to spread our message that an organized space is an organized mind is an organized life. Lisa and Imagine it done have appeared in Gotham, Elliman Insider, Something Navy and many more press outlets to talk about a variety of home organization tips and tricks. See below for these articles on home organization services in various news outlets and magazines. For all press inquiries, contact

Linen closet organization


Linen Closet Love with Imagine it Done

t’s never the wrong time to organize your linen closet. Sheets and towels pile up so high that you forget what you have in there. That’s why we sat down with organization guru and Imagine it Done founder, Lisa Jacobs, to give us a crash course in organizing our linen closets.

Kitchen Organization


How to Organize Your Kitchen 'Imagine it Done' Style

Here are Lisa’s expert tips and tricks for organizing your kitchen like a pro.

Rebecca Minkoff Linkedin Article

Rebecca Minkoff

From “EEK!” to Peak: Lessons Learned at Launch

"You can’t make this up…“The year was 2005. Imagine It Done was unknown in a world with no social media. Networking and referrals, that’s the way it rolled. I had a celebrity client who was thrilled with every detail during the project until she wasn’t."

The Washington Post cleaning article

The Washington Post

An easy way to put on a duvet cover, and other housekeeping tips worthy of going viral

"When I first learned that millions of people use TikTok to watch others clean areas such as bathrooms and sock drawers, I was incredulous. What are they going to hook us on next, watching paint dry? I decided to do a cleaning-video deep dive to see why these snippets are so appealing ..."

Insider Magazine closet organization story


Closet organization ideas for every type of clothing, because you deserve more space

"When it comes to tackling home projects, it's easy to keep putting them off until you've run out of excuses. But with organization comes productivity, peace, and a clear mind, and who couldn't use a little more of each? ..."

Cosmopolitan Small Apartment Organization story


22 Life-Changing Ways to Organize Your Small Apartment

"Before my husband and I moved in January, our last apartment of four years was fully loaded ... but not in a good way.

Pantry organized with baskets and food storage containers

Maison Benjamin

How to spring clean, according to professional organizer Lisa Jacobs

Spring is a time of renewal and regeneration, and with that, comes the expectation of a good spring clean to set the scene. 

Apartment Therapy Article on Tik Tok

Apartment Therapy

Yes, Cleaning Content Has Taken Over Your TikTok—And Here’s Why

"I didn’t expect to extract any meaningful content from my nightly TikTok scrolls.."

Imagine it Done on Gracia talking about organization


Fall Haul: Getting Organized with Lisa Jacobs and Imagine it Done

Lisa Jacobs and her team at Imagine It Done are here to help organize your life.

Lisa Jacobs on Ageless podcast

Ageless Podcast

How to organize your space and your life

"On this week’s episode of Ageless, we sit down with professional organizer and life coach Lisa Jacobs. ."

Pop Sugar closet organization tips article

Pop Sugar

5 Expert Closet Organization Tips Just in Time For Spring

"We spoke to closet organizing extraordinaire Lisa Jacobs, founder of Imagine It Done, a New York-based organization company. Jacobs's approach to organizing: embrace and showcase the things you love the most.

Here, we go through five of Jacobs's most foolproof organization tips for even the most crowded closet."

Closet Cleanout on Reader's Digest

Reader's Digest

How to Clean Out Your Closet

It's time to clear out the clutter and revamp your wardrobe! We asked experts for the best steps to cleaning out and decluttering your closet.

How to organize a tiny apartment article in House Beautiful

House Beautiful

These 7 tricks made my tiny apartment feel 10 times bigger

"Thanks to some ingenious storage products and guidance from Lisa Jacobs, organization guru and founder of Manhattan lifestyle company Imagine it Done, I was able to optimize the space in my tiny NYC apartment and make it feel 10 times bigger. Here’s how:"

Organizational products you should buy on Amazon article on Business Insider

Business Insider

21 products you should buy on Amazon — and 22 more you should skip every time

"We asked experts for their advice on the best things to buy on Amazon and which products you should consider looking elsewhere.They gave us tips for buying electronics, food products, helpful tools for around the house, and more."

Dyson cordless vacuum at Lowe's

Elliman Insider

5 simple tips to creating a harmonious home

"People are turning more and more to online retailers for their home improvement needs, and sometimes, shopping at a store like Lowe's can feel like an obsolete experience.But there are still a number of items worth trekking to your local Lowe's for ..."

Shoe organization in a closet

Protect My Shoes

Imagining it Done - A Question and Answer with Lisa Jacobs

"We are big fans of the talented Lisa Jacobs, founder of the NY-based organization and lifestyle company Imagine it Done. Simply said, Lisa gets it done and with style..." 

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Imagine it Done on the Radio

Martha Stewart Living Radio - Lisa Jacobs
The Marilu Henner Show - Lisa Jacobs
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