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Organized men's closet

It’s hard to manage a career, family, and other day-to-day obligations when your drawers are a jumbled collection of random items. You are constantly rummaging through stuff struggling to find the one thing you need. You want to get organized, but you don’t know where to start or how to maintain it when you do. The idea of diving into such a big project seems daunting. 

Sometimes you feel like your life is in shambles ...

That’s where Imagine it Done comes in ...

We are an exclusive organization company based in NYC, with proven systems and methods to help you not only organize your home but keep it that way. We will teach you how to edit your belongings, keep what you need and love, while discarding what you don’t. Eliminate the unnecessary so the necessary will speak.


We then walk you through how to and why to categorize items and contain the contents to create a functional beautiful aesthetic. From the laundry to kitchen and bedroom closets, no room is off limits. Whether you are moving, decluttering the home you’ve lived in for a lifetime, or preparing for a major life event, Imagine it Done will help you create systems that fit your lifestyle and budget.


You don’t have to do this alone.


We will educate and demonstrate as we transform each space. Regardless of the scope for each project, the Imagine it Done experience may be life-changing, for a lifetime.

Pantry Organization on display with bins and baskets
  • Imagine your home becoming a peaceful haven instead of a source of stress.

  • Imagine your cramped spaces suddenly feeling bigger.

  • Imagine everything having a place so you can concentrate on the things that really matter to you. 


Then, close your eyes and Imagine it Done. 

"I can finally relax in my space"

“I am so impressed by the entire Imagine it Done team and how they completely transformed my apartment in a single day. Before I hired Imagine it Done I felt stressed out in my cluttered studio apartment. Now everything has a home and I can finally relax in my space! My newly organized closet is now my favorite place in my apartment. I cannot stress enough how much I loved my experience with Imagine it Done!”

- Wyatt Todd

About Lisa Jacobs

Imagine it Done Founder, Lisa Jacobs

Lisa Jacobs, founder and CEO of Imagine it Done, became a professional organizer in 2004 after discovering her innate ability to organize whatever chaos came her way. The journey that led Lisa to this destination began at Boston University. As a 1977 Magna Cum Laude graduate in Spanish and French studies, Lisa landed her first job with Payot, the French beauty company. Several years later, moving on to the world of advertising and the model agency industry, Lisa worked in NY and Paris as the assistant to the chief creative director for fashion and beauty accounts; Chanel, L’oreal, and Garnier. Moving back to Manhattan, she worked for Ford Models before settling down to embrace phase 2 of her ongoing career. Soon married, 3 children and 7 homes later, she realized the task, process and moving projects were more than a hobby, rather a lifestyle. Deliberately, for the next several years she concentrated on establishing a business from this passion.

After more than a decade of taking many financial and personal risks, Imagine it Done has grown into a leading business in its category. With a trained team of 12, Imagine it Done provides home organization services to clients throughout the NY and Tristate area. Through our social media platforms, we educate our worldwide followers with videos, products, photos, and tips on how to get and stay organized. We believe “An organized space is an organized mind is an organized life.”

Imagine It Done's Mission Statement

Imagine it Done’s mission is to change lives by bringing order, function, and beauty to homes through education and our unique system of organization, tailored to our clients’ lifestyles and personalities.

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