About Lisa Jacobs

Meet Lisa Jacobs; mother, sister, mover, shaker, professional organizer, life coach and founder of Imagine it Done, the NY-based organization and lifestyle company. She is passionate about interior design makeovers, space maximization and function. She brings her deep aesthetic sensibilities and good taste to every organizational challenge. Lisa began sharing tips and tricks many decades ago, to her children, neighbors and eventually clients. After moving countless times throughout her life, Lisa discovered her innate ability to organize whatever chaos came her way. Her talent for packing, unpacking, decluttering and arranging became her passion in life, resulting in a business of her own, Imagine it Done. 


Lisa’s vast creative and management experience allows Imagine it Done to deliver a full spectrum of services. The Imagine it Done staff works tirelessly to create beautiful and functional spaces to fit the lifestyle of their clients. Moreover, Imagine it Done is one of the leading businesses in its category to impart valuable life lessons and tutorials for how to create a cleansed, functional home thus a satisfying life. Their value goes beyond the Instagram-worthy photo. The focus of their work is dimensional and rewarding. By educating their clients how to maximize space in consideration with lifestyle, clients learn the value of efficiency and time management.  


Lisa truly believes a more fulfilled life can successfully be achieved by following her tried and true methods: edit, purge, categorize, organize and curate.  These are steps necessary to change one’s space and eventually their life.  Lisa and the team focus and educate throughout the "during” process, rather than fixating on the before vs. after. When Imagine it Done completes a project, Lisa’s most repeated phrase comes fully realized by the client and the staff alike, “An organized space is an organized mind is an organized life.”


Lisa began her career in New York City working for the Chief Creative Director at the Norman, Craig & Kummel ad agency. She worked with accounts such as Chanel and Revlon and, managing the production of photo shoots, selecting the photographer, model, hair and makeup artists and wardrobe stylist. She worked directly with Ford, Elite, Wilhemina and Zoli Mgmt. Her strengths and reputation eventually brought Lisa to Paris as an assistant to the creative director of Havas World Communications, overseeing print production and managing talent for Garnier, Chanel and Bourjois. A master of organization and time management, She is a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals.

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