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Refresh & Repurpose Your Jewelry

This week was one for the books. We set up a collaboration between two of our favorite people to share with you how to repurpose your jewelry and the outcome was incredible!

jewelry organizing

A little background before we get into the full story:

Caroline Leventhal (@healthiswellth) is one of our favorite clients to date (and that’s not just because we want to hang out with her cute son all day every day!). It's because she is the definition of cool. She is a wellness coach and real mom activist, inspiring mamas, and everyone else for that matter, to be the best versions of themselves. She is also hysterical and currently working on stand-up comedy as a side gig (um, hi real life Marvelous Mrs. Maisel). We helped Caroline declutter and in her words “put her apartment on a diet.” We got everything from her closets full of shoes and clothing, to her son's bedroom in tip top shape and super functional.

What usually happens when you get organized like this, is you find things you forgot about and you can actually see everything you have! Like we always say, you have to be able to see your stuff to use your stuff!

Now onto the stunning and talented Kelly Gerber (@kellygerberjewelry). Lisa and Kelly have been friends for a long time and we are thrilled to finally collaborate and be working with her. Kelly is an amazing jewelry designer and stylist, with a special affinity for sentimental pieces. She believes that life is a series of precious moments, and jewelry is a wonderful way to commemorate life’s many experiences.

With Caroline’s newly rediscovered collection of vintage jewelry through our organization and Kelly’s passion for nostalgic pieces, a lightbulb went off! Let’s bring these two together to create new looks from these old pieces. We all know at this point that everything eventually comes back in style!

Kelly has a keen sense of style and is able to see the potential in your jewelry that you may have lost sight of. Take a peak below at the looks she styled on Caroline and get some inspiration to go through your own collection!

Caroline's charm necklace
Charm necklace

custom engraved charm necklace

This is a beautiful charm necklace that Caroline has had forever, with her maiden initials engraved on the gold charm. Caroline doesn't wear it for this reason! Kelly had a great idea to engrave her new married initials on the other side, to marry the past with the present (pun intended!).

Pearl chocker
layered pearl choker

The two looks above are playing on the choker trend that is so in right now! On the left, Caroline had a longer necklace with pearls gifted to her from her grandparents. Kelly decided to shorten it and make a choker, paired with some leather it definitely has an edgier look. On the right, long strands of pearls that were more popular in the 1920s are wrapped around and layered for an updated twist on a classic look. Kelly also paired these pearls with a pair of gorgeous hoops Caroline has from the 20's. It ended up looking so cool with a white t-shirt and jeans!

Gold chocker necklace

turquoise earrings
earrings and vintage gold necklace

This look was our personal favorite! A pair of stunning turquoise earrings belonging to Caroline's mother, paired with another vintage gold necklace. Again with a white t-shirt and jeans, this look is something unexpected but so in style!

The main theme from this experience is that jewelry with sentimental value deserves to be worn, and sometimes only needs a little bit of modernization to feel super stylish again! Beautiful jewelry doesn't belong hidden away in your drawers or in a safe, it deserves to be worn and adored! That starts with some jewelry organization so you know where it is and that you have it!

Check out this video of Lisa, Caroline and Kelly discussing this fabulous day!

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