Meet The Team

I am so proud to introduce my team. I know what I know and I know what I don’t know. Team effort makes it all happen. Imagine it Done.

- Lisa Jacobs

Madison Frank

Head of client relations

Organization has been a hobby of mine since a young age, and I am so lucky that it turned into a career. My favorite place to organize is the master closet. Being able to see your wardrobe perfectly curated is the best feeling when picking out an outfit. Life is way too short to wear the same outfit twice!

Rachel Lipsitz

Executive Assistant to Lisa Jacobs and Head of Social Media

I was born and raised in Manhattan and found that organizing was a major stress reliever for me. I loved organizing my friends closets and when I realized it could be a profession I jumped on that chance! My favorite space to organize is the pantry because I love food. 


Amber Vasquez

On-Site Organizer 

I grew up in CA and moved to NYC five years ago. I’ve always led any organized lifestyle. I truly believe it’s the key to a happy and successful life. It not only calms me but it’s the best feeling to see a clients face when a project is done. I love organizing literally anything. Put me in your kitchen, master closet, bathroom I like to do it all.

Courtney Rabren

Project manager and Product Coordinator

I grew up in Auburn, Alabama and earned a bachelors degree from the University of Mississippi. After 21 years in the South, I decided to mix it up a little by moving to NYC and haven't look back! I love all things organizing, but master closets are my absolute favorite to curate considering there's many ways to showcase clients style and personality through their pretty belongings. I'm honored to play a part in making your space beautifully organized the #imagineitdone way! 

Alex Krumpholz

Marketing Manager

The best part of my job is that I get to work with brands I truly believe it to help show others why they should believe in them too. I love that I am a part of a team that is so genuinely passionate about what they do. Organization is a way of life, and I use so many of Imagine It Done's tips in my own life now too!

Alex Krumpholz

Danielle Estrella

Product Assistant and On-Site Organizer

I love being able to express my creativity through organization everyday. My favorite space to organize is the master closet. Seeing a clients face light up after revealing a transformed closet is the best feeling in the world. 

Danielle Estrella

Emily Sclafani

On-Site Organizer

I have always been obsessed with all things organization, and live by the Imagine It Done motto. My background in art and fashion allows me to put my creative mind to use while organizing. No matter the space, I love to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional solution to make a client’s life stress-free!

Emily Sclafani

Liz Link

On-Site Organizer

I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama before moving to NYC to go to fashion school.  As I nannied and worked in the fashion industry, I always had the most fun organizing the home or offices. Creating a space that is visually appealing, efficient, and fits the lifestyle of the individual or family gives me pure joy! My favorite rooms to organize are the playroom and any closet!

Liz Link

Christie Childers

On-Site Organizer

I grew up in Florida and moved to NYC on my college graduation day for the vibrant energy, endless restaurants and bike rides. Organization makes my mind feel calm and I love to help others find that peace. My favorite spaces to create in are bathrooms and kitchens!

Elizabeth Brown, Onsite Organizer with Imagine it Done

Elizabeth Brown

On-Site Organizer

As an artist I have always had a keen eye for detail and an ability to think outside the box. Organization has always come natural to me and has been therapeutic. Working at Imagine It Done allows me to merge my two passions! My goal is to create a space that brings clients comfort, brightens their day, and simplifies their lives!