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Meet The Team

I am so proud to introduce my team. I know what I know and I know what I don’t know. Team effort makes it all happen. Imagine it Done.

- Lisa Jacobs

Lisa Jacobs, president of Imagine it Done

Madison Frank

Head of Client Relations

Organization has been a hobby of mine since a young age, and I am so lucky that it turned into a career. My favorite place to organize is the master closet. Being able to see your wardrobe perfectly curated is the best feeling when picking out an outfit. Life is way too short to wear the same outfit twice!

Madison Frank, Head of Client Relations for Imagine it Done

Rachel Lipsitz

Executive Assistant to Lisa Jacobs and Head of Social Media

I was born and raised in Manhattan and found that organizing was a major stress reliever for me. I loved organizing my friends closets and when I realized it could be a profession I jumped on that chance! My favorite space to organize is the pantry because I love food. 

Rachel Lipsitz, executive assistant to Lisa Jacobs
Courtney Rabren, Project Manager and Product Manager for Imagine it Done

Courtney Rabren

Project Manager and Product Manager

I grew up in Auburn, Alabama and earned a bachelors degree from the University of Mississippi. After 21 years in the South, I decided to mix it up a little by moving to NYC and haven't look back! I love all things organizing, but master closets are my absolute favorite to curate considering there's many ways to showcase clients style and personality through their pretty belongings. I'm honored to play a part in making your space beautifully organized the #imagineitdone way! 

Destiny Martins, onsite organizer for Imagine it Done

Destiny Martins

Onsite Organizer

In my life, I have come to value detailed organization as a gateway to mastery. Through focused intention and routine, I believe that we are able to build the strong foundational standing upon which the details of our lives have the ability to firmly establish themselves. Only then does one truly have access to the power that freedom and creativity affords us. To be able to offer others the gift of transformation through organization is invaluable! 

Alexa Kaplan

On-Site Organizer

I was born and raised in New York and have always loved the hustle and energy of NYC! In such a fast-paced environment, I always found myself embracing the chaos and leading with peace of mind! I’ve turned this mindset into an organized lifestyle and translated it into a full-time career. With a background in interior design and a passion for helping others, creating mindful and aesthetically pleasing spaces for those around me is a dream come true! 

Alexa Kaplan, on-site organizer for Imagine it Done

Christie Childers

Social Media Partnerships

I grew up in Florida and moved to NYC on my college graduation day for the vibrant energy, endless restaurants and bike rides. Organization makes my mind feel calm and I love to help others find that peace. My favorite spaces to create in are bathrooms and kitchens!

Christie Childers, Social Media Partnerships for Imagine it Done
Arielle Burns, Project Manager and Product Manager for Imagine it Done

Arielle Burns

Project Manager and Product Manager

Born and raised in NYC! I am your hometown girl! My passion is helping people. What started with me organizing my own place, evolved into helping friends and family. Now that I get to help people everyday it’s an amazing feeling! I strongly believe that an organized home is therapeutic for the mind and soul. Linen closets and storage units are my favorite to organize! Point me in whatever direction and Imagine it DONE!

Gabby Mangassarian, Project Manager and Product Manager for Imagine it Done

Gabby Mangassarian 

Project Manager and Product Manager

After spending nearly a decade in the fashion industry, working for various brands like Brunello Cucinelli, Theory and Tory Burch, I decided to make the leap from the traditional office and into the home. I’ve always had an innate love for organizing and design, but once I realized I could apply my creative background to pivot my career to Imagine It Done, I bit the bullet! Nothing brings me more joy than transforming people’s lives by creating aesthetically pleasing spaces that they can be proud to call home! 

Elizabeth Samolsky

On-Site Organizer

I grew up in Westchester, NY and earned a bachelor’s degree from Tulane University. I’ve been obsessed with organizing since I was little! I find it extremely calming to see a space come together and to come home to an organized environment. I truly believe that leading an organized life will enhance your personal life as well. I’m so happy to be a part of a team whose values align with my own and aim to help those around them.

Elizabeth Samolsky, On Site Organizer for Imagine it Done

Alexandra Keiserman

On-Site Organizer

I grew up in Long Island, NY and recently received my bachelors degree from Baruch college! I’ve always been extremely into organization and think ones well-being is tied to their environment being organized. I believe having an organized space can increase productivity and make people feel better about their day. I love being part of a team that can help people feel good about their space!

Alexandra Keiserman, On-Site Organizer for Imagine it Done
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