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Imagine it Done's Cleaning Bundle

Clean your home like a pro with less overwhelm.

person cleaning with a cleaning spray

 Only $22! for a limited time! 

Woman drowning in laundry

Are you drowning in the mess?

We get it! Cleaning is never-ending

Life is hectic and keeping your house clean often feels like being on hamster wheel.


It doesn't have to be like this. 

Having an organized and set schedule of cleaning tasks plus hacks to make it go faster will make the cleaning process feel calm and organized. It's time to take control of your home's cleanliness, instead of letting the mess control you. 

Imagine it Done's cleaning bundle will bring you a simple system to keep your home in order like clockwork.

Your bundle includes:

Cleaning Schedule and Checklist Sample
Cleaning Schedule Checklist Cover

 The Cleaning Schedule & Checklist 

Steal Lisa Jacob's cleaning schedule for your own home! 

Give your cleaning tasks a timeline.


This download includes checklists broken down into daily, weekly, monthly, annual and other time frames to help you stay on track of your home's cleaning.​


Only $22 for a limited time

Your cleaning bundle will help you:

Set a schedule

Stay organized and don't miss a thing with daily, monthly and seasonal tasks.

Prevent Costly Maintenance

By staying up on commonly missed tasks, household items will last longer.

Make cleaning less overwhelming

With a systematic list and tricks to help you do them quickly, you won't feel like you are constantly putting out fires. Keep your home clean without the chaos.

Lisa Jacobs, Professional Organizer in New York

About Lisa Jacobs

Lisa Jacobs, founder and CEO of Imagine it Done, created her business in 2004 after discovering her innate ability to organize whatever chaos came her way. 


It was 3 children and 7 moves that she realized the task, process and moving projects were more than a hobby, rather a lifestyle. Deliberately, for the next several years she concentrated on establishing a business from this passion.

After more than a decade, Imagine it Done has grown into a leading business in its category.  Imagine it Done provides home organization services to clients throughout the NY and Tristate area. Through our social media platforms, we educate our worldwide followers with videos, products, photos, and tips on how to get and stay organized. We believe “An organized space is an organized mind is an organized life.”

Imagine It Done Cleaning Bundle Mock Up

Included in your bundle:

  • The Cleaning Schedule and Checklist (Valued at $55)

  • Cleaning hacks guide (Valued at $35)

  • The Safe and Natural Stain Solution Recipe Book (Valued at $25)

  • The Ultimate Guide to Stain Removal (Valued at $25)

  • Our Favorite Cleaning Product List (Valued at $20)

Total Value: $160

Today's Price: $22

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