Why We Love a Garment Rack

You don’t have to be a fashion blogger to get use out of one of our favorite items, the garment rack. Stores display clothing in plain sight beautifully. So why do we hide all ours in a closet? Garment racks can help your space in so many ways.

Not enough closet space for all your hanging clothes? Try putting a whole category like dresses, or jackets, on a separate garment rack in an unused space in your home. If merchandised properly and kept neat, this is a great way to maximize space and help with your closet organization. * Tip * Matching hangers are a must for a clean look!

Travel a lot? Take out that garment rack, which can be hugely helpful when packing outfits for yourself (and family!) so you can see how everything looks together.

Need to accelerate your morning “I don’t have anything to wear” routine? Try outfit planning, like meal planning on Sunday! Hang your outfits for the week on your garment rack, and save a TON of time.

We are big believers that you need to see everything you own in order to utilize it. Garment racks are the perfect solution, and below are a few of our favorites at the moment. There are a ton of different options when it comes to picking one out for yourself. Be sure to measure your space to see what would work best for you before choosing. Happy hanging!

We love this one from West Elm, the architectural shape and simplicity will add visual appeal to any room.

This one from Urban Outfitters is a bit smaller, and has a boho vibe we are loving!

Even smaller? This one is also from Urban Outfitters, and can fit in even the tiniest space!

This rack from CB2 is so visually appealing, we’d love it in an entryway!

Best heavy duty garment rack: The Uline is hands down the best of the best. Known for their “Z” shape bottom, these will last you forever. These telescope out, and up and you can add additional shelves, essentially creating an additional closet. You can also get a cover to protect any special garments!

Looking for more items to help save time and speed up your daily routine? Check out our shop.

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