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Lisa's top essentials for a clean, organized home

Lisa with her Miele vaccum

Making your home feel clean and fresh can be a lot of work! There are a variety of products Lisa uses to make that job easier. Here is her top list of essentials for a clean and organized home.

The links below include affiliate links, which means that Imagine it Done could earn a small commission at no cost to you for any purchases made. Please note, all products are Imagine it Done's favorites used on site and approved by our clients.

Miele Vacuum

Many vacuums can actually make the problem of allergens and dust worse by stirring them up into the air. Not Miele. This vacuum has an AirClean filtration system that purifies the air as it sweeps dust and debris into a bag inside.

It is compact and maneuverable, so cleaning is quick and easy. No more wrestling a clunky vacuum up stairs or around corners.

Miele helped Lisa find a way for her children with allergies to coexist in a healthy way with her pets.

Black and Decker Dust Buster handheld vacuum

We have always thought that this powerful handheld vacuum is not only a lifesaver for spills and quick clean up, but it looks like a piece of artwork on your countertop.

With a foldable nose, it is compact, yet packs enough punch to clean up messes. Using it is as simple as folding out the nozzle, pushing a button, then folding it back up for charging. Having this hand-held Black and Decker Dust Buster is great for small jobs you don't want to drag a full sized vacuum out for.

Minky Ironing Board

The Minky ironing board strikes the balance between being large enough so you can spread your garments out for ironing, but also being light and storable. It folds out for use, then slides upright so you can fit it snuggly into a small space.

It also has a holder for your iron and a tray for clothing or other items. This ironing board meets all the practical needs you can imagine to make this chore a little easier.

Black and Decker Iron

This Black and Decker iron is brilliant in its simplicity. It pairs state of the art technology with a user-friendly design. Plus, it is more light weight and efficient than any other iron on the market.

If we have to iron, this is our choice of appliance that will help us get the job done.

Rowenta Fabric Steamer

Don't let the small size of this fabric steamer fool you. It has the power of a professional appliance. It is easy to use and affordable, but still allows you to smooth out wrinkles, sanitize and refresh in fabric without the complication of alternative steamers.

Molekule Air Purifier

The Molekule Air Purifier is hands down the best there is in today’s market. It removes any air contamination that may be in your home, and it looks good doing it. It is quiet, energy efficient and effective at taking everything from larger contaminants such as pet hair, to smaller ones like bacteria and viruses out of the air you and your family breathe.

Homedics TotalComfort Humidifier

The HoMedics Humidifier allows a simple way to add humidity to dry air. It has very few parts to maintain and efficiently emits the right amount of moisture into the air.

Pura Smart Device

6. Pura Smart Device - (Use code imagineitdone15 for 15 percent off)

The Pura Smart Device acts both as a nightlight and a diffuser of essential oils all in one device. It works for any space in your home. Pura offers a wide selection of amazing essential oils. You can control it from anywhere from your smartphone.

Hamilton Beach 2-in-1 Countertop Oven and Long Slot Toaster

This sleek appliance allows two functions in the space of one. You can use it as a traditional toaster while also having a toaster oven option, including bake, broil or roast options. It is efficient but also speedier than many toasters on the market. For all it can do, it is well priced and looks good on any counter top.

Hasegawa Lucano Stepladder

This is truly a step ladder with style. In addition to being decorative, it stands up on its own and fits into small spaces. A step ladder is a staple for any home, but this one gives a boring household item some flare along with its function.

For more of Lisa's favorite products for your home, check out our shop.


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