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Here are some notes from happy clients of our home organization services. We love hearing about how maximizing and organizing your space has helped bring you an organized mind!

Patina Miller

We love our space! Honestly, out of all the things we’ve done with our new apt you guys were the BEST part! I feel less cluttered mentally because our space is so damn organized!! 

Patina Miller testimonial for Imagine it Done

Austin Turner

"You guys did such an incredible job, and I finally feel like I can see everything I own. It's been a while since I've been able to say that. I feel like theres so much more clarity in my space now, and I am so thankful for you guys!" 

Austin Turner testimonial for Imagine it Done
Kylie Bass review of Imagine it Done

Kylie Bass

During our move, Lisa and her team provided a remarkable service that made our home feel de-cluttered, and ultimately made us feel de-stressed! Our personal belongings were handled with such care at every step of the process. From closets to kitchens, Lisa and her team went above and beyond maximizing, organizing, categorizing, and customizing every inch of our storage space to perfectly accommodate our lifestyle and needs. I was concerned that I would make a mess of their work within a week, but their system is arranged in such a way that makes it easy to keep everything perfectly in-tact... and I have! I am so grateful for the Imagine it Done ladies!

Imagine it Done Reviews by Lindsay Silberman

Lindsay Silberman

"I didn't realize how much help my apartment needed until the Imagine It Done team came in and literally changed my life. Over the course of a single day, they rolled their sleeves up and managed to completely revamp my closets, bedrooms, and bathrooms—all while sharing their organizational tips along the way. They suggested hacks that I would have never thought of myself, and by re-doing my space, they also brought a newfound sense of peace to my everyday routine. I'm so grateful to have worked with IID, and I'm *praying* that I'll be able to maintain the magic that they created in my home!"

More love from our clients

I have worked with Imagine it Done for the past two years. They were extremely patient with us during the pandemic and their organizing is second to none as I’ve used others in the past. Their product placement and maximizing space does exactly what they claim it will … makes life so much easier!!

Their system is also very easy to maintain and takes the guesswork out of where things always go! They are worth every penny!!

Bonnie Goldberg

Folded sweaters in an organized closet

Lisa is an organizing Tinkerbell ....

My experience: WOW. Lisa is a literal organizing Tinkerbell, and her team spread fairy dust around my studio apartment in the West Village. Oftentimes you see organizing shows or IG content and think, "I can do that"... but, no. What these women do is not something that can be replicated nor mimicked. Before ... I felt trapped in my apartment. Now... (not to be cheesy) but I feel wrapped in a literal IID cocoon and now am able to grow into a butterfly in my space. 

They are true professionals, and since working with them my life has felt cleaner, I have a pattern to follow, and friends have remarked that I even seem like a different person! 

Lisa's team was a joy to work with. They brought such positive, supportive attitudes to my home, and went above and beyond to return items, help me source handymen and instruct them, to clean out areas, etc. I'm in my twenties, and IID has taught me that nothing is more invaluable than investing in your home health. 

I could write 10 more paragraphs, but the fact that you're still here means you're still curious about hiring a professional organizer. So what I'm telling you is- just do it. Hire IID. Your life will change for the better. This service is my #1 recommended tip for anyone moving in/living in the city. your space defines you- and I'm so grateful that IID now gets to define me!​


They have thought of everything ...

I am very happy with the outcome of my closet organization by the Imagine It Done team! They were so thorough and diligent with every detail, especially with some of the odd spaces. The entire process end-to-end was extremely stress-free and seamless.

I particularly appreciate that they coordinated to have all the items delivered to our apartment the day before their arrival so as to not clutter our space too long with boxes. They unpack and dispose of all the trash, you truly don't have to lift a finger, all the while taking time to check in to let you know where your stuff is going. Beyond the obvious organization you'd expect, they have really thought of everything. They show up in little dust booties and their own kit packs so that your home is left better than they found it in every way possible.

I found that the team was extremely responsive to emails, much better than other services I had reached out to, and with the utmost care and professional attention. I am very proud to say that after a month I have still kept up with the folding! I see now that this organized lifestyle is very attainable--Lisa has a point, you really just need to imagine it done. Thank you, team! 

Angela Sumner

Elfa-over-the-door organizer used in a laundry room
Organized closet full of office supplies

This will change your life ...

My experience with Imagine it Done has changed my life. This may sound hyperbolic but they have helped me come up with a system that has revolutionized how I live. They helped me visualize a way to store things that I was incapable of. It was the perfect amount of collaborative - nothing was imposed on me. my input was asked and adjusted as necessary even weeks after the fact.


They are always available for questions. I have never worked with a better company and cannot think of anything I've done to better position myself for success and happiness.

Having my apartment organized motivates me to keep it organized. It's been three weeks and I've made my bed every day since (before this I could count on one hand the amount of times I've made my bed by choice). I unpacked from a two week trip immediately because it was easy because everything had a place and I was excited about it! I never knew I could feel like this. I never knew I could be organized, I thought being messy was a personality trait I could never overcome. The girls are professional, kind, helpful and understanding. No judgement only suggestions, and plans. I feel like this has been the equivalent of therapy. This will change your life! Don't hesitate.

Samantha Reyes

The highlight of my year ...

Imagine It Done has been the highlight of my year! I wish I’d have found Lisa Jacobs - and her amazing company and fantastic team- sooner as I can’t be more thrilled with the results. I’m beyond amazed, ecstatic and so happy with the outcome! I enjoyed the process so much I actually felt part of the team! The curating, the tips and tricks, the functionality of the products is so precise I have a newfound love in the art of folding, editing and keeping tidy. Lisa and her team helped me literally imagine it done! 

The meticulousness they work with is impeccable and I’m in awe of Lisa and her team. Lisa is truly the fairy godmother of organization! I began the day having an apartment unit and ended it feeling like home. There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude to Lisa and her marvelous team! A million thanks to the Imagine It Done team and I can’t wait to have you back soon! ​

Isabella Rivera

Kitchen cabinets with stacked plates and bowls
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