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Here are some notes from happy clients of our home organization services. We love hearing about how maximizing and organizing your space has helped bring you an organized mind!

Patina Miller

We love our space! Honestly, out of all the things we’ve done with our new apt you guys were the BEST part! I feel less cluttered mentally because our space is so damn organized!! 

Patina Miller testimonial for Imagine it Done

Austin Turner

"You guys did such an incredible job, and I finally feel like I can see everything I own. It's been a while since I've been able to say that. I feel like theres so much more clarity in my space now, and I am so thankful for you guys!" 

Austin Turner testimonial for Imagine it Done
Kylie Bass review of Imagine it Done

Kylie Bass

During our move, Lisa and her team provided a remarkable service that made our home feel de-cluttered, and ultimately made us feel de-stressed! Our personal belongings were handled with such care at every step of the process. From closets to kitchens, Lisa and her team went above and beyond maximizing, organizing, categorizing, and customizing every inch of our storage space to perfectly accommodate our lifestyle and needs. I was concerned that I would make a mess of their work within a week, but their system is arranged in such a way that makes it easy to keep everything perfectly in-tact... and I have! I am so grateful for the Imagine it Done ladies!

Imagine it Done Reviews by Lindsay Silberman

Lindsay Silberman

"I didn't realize how much help my apartment needed until the Imagine It Done team came in and literally changed my life. Over the course of a single day, they rolled their sleeves up and managed to completely revamp my closets, bedrooms, and bathrooms—all while sharing their organizational tips along the way. They suggested hacks that I would have never thought of myself, and by re-doing my space, they also brought a newfound sense of peace to my everyday routine. I'm so grateful to have worked with IID, and I'm *praying* that I'll be able to maintain the magic that they created in my home!"

Shira Jaffe

Now, for some effusive praise of a job amazingly well done: just wanted to let you all know how incredibly pleased we are with the transformation in our home! The entire team was SO delightful to work with, so professional, and so thoughtful, and the end result is better than we could have imagined! Thank you thank you thank you! 

Imagine it Done Review by Shira Jaffe

Arielle Charnas

I found Lisa Jacobs through my mother in law and she seriously changed the way we live. She helped us move with our baby and helped me organize my life before my second baby arrived. She keeps our home meticulous and beautiful and doesn’t miss a detail. Not only has she made my home feel like home but she made sure everything in my home has a home.

Imagine it Done Review by Arielle Charnas

"I just got home. And I want to cry from joy, shock, happiness, gratitude. This is beyond my wildest dreams. I cannot cannot believe what my closet looks like. WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW."

More love from our clients

Lived up to every expectation and more

I Imagine it Done lived up to every expectation I had and more. We were moving from renting a small apartment to purchasing one with a lot more space. It all started with the efficiency of the consultation where Courtney’s ability to quickly see a large space (9 closets, 3 bathrooms) and determine functional ways to live and assign categories for each closet. We then had to change our plans multiple times due to issues with our closing date and Madison and Courtney could not have been more accommodating. Fast forward a few months to when Courtney, Liza, and the team came to help us unpack after our move. We loved how the team was able to make our home feel like home immediately. The personal touches in every closet, behind each door, or on any shelf were truly what helped it feel like home so fast!


- Jordan

Turning ideas for a perfect home into live

Even if you think you’re a perfectionist, and your home is well-organized, Lisa and the team are able to prove you wrong.


However, there’s no resentment when you see how they turn their ideas for a perfect home into life. A game-changing experience.

- Dylan H.

Highlight of my year

Imagine It Done has been the highlight of my year! I wish I’d have found Lisa Jacobs - and her amazing company and fantastic team- sooner as I can’t be more thrilled with the results. I’m beyond amazed, ecstatic and so happy with the outcome! 


I enjoyed the process so much I actually felt part of the team! The curating, the tips and tricks, the functionality of the products is so precise I have a newfound love in the art of folding, editing and keeping tidy. Lisa and her team helped me literally imagine it done! 


The meticulousness they work with is impeccable and I’m in awe of Lisa and her team. Lisa is truly the fairy godmother of organization! I began the day having an apartment unit and ended it feeling like home. There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude to Lisa and her marvelous team! A million thanks to the Imagine It Done team and I can’t wait to have you back soon! 

- Isabella Rivera 

Worth every penny

I have worked with imagine it done for the past two years. They were extremely patient with us during the pandemic and their organizing is second to none as I’ve used others in the past. Their product placement and maximizing space does exactly what they claim it will… makes life so much easier!! Their system is also very easy to maintain and takes the guess work out of where things always go! They are worth every penny!!

- Bonnie Goldberg


My experience: WOW.

I have literally no words (and I'm quite the talker) to describe the experience with IID and what it did for me.


Lisa is a literal organizing Tinkerbell, and her team spread fairy dust around my studio apartment in the West Village. Often time you see organizing shows or IG content and think, "I can do that"... but, no. What these women do is not something that can be replicated nor mimicked. Before ... I felt trapped in my apartment. Now... (not to be cheesy) but I feel wrapped in a literal IID cocoon and now am able to grow into a butterfly in my space. 


They are true professionals, and since working with them my life has felt cleaner, I have a pattern to follow, and friends have remarked that I even seem like a different person! 


Lisa's team was a joy to work with. They brought such positive, supportive attitudes to my home, and went above and beyond to return items, help me source handymen and instruct them, to clean out areas, etc. I'm in my twenties, and IID has taught me that nothing is more invaluable than investing in your home health. 


I could write 10 more paragraphs, but the fact that you're still here means you're still curious about hiring a professional organizer. So what I'm telling you is- just do it. Hire IID. Your life will change for the better. This service is my #1 recommended tip for anyone moving in/living in the city. your space defines you- and I'm so grateful that IID now gets to define me!

- Liv

Organization that is maintainable

Lisa Jacobs and her team are amazing! I would highly recommend hiring them as they organize your closet in a very maintainable way so once months later all the items are still in the right place. I really look forward to putting the items back into "their home" and keeping things clean! 

- Clea

A luxury I can't live without

Everything is amazing - I could not be happier with the outcome and DEFINITELY could not have done it without IID! 


I have used Imagine It Done for two moves at this point and would never consider going through the process without their incredible team.  They think of everything and work tirelessly to ensure the job is completed to their impeccable standards.  From curating organizational products that are functional, enjoyable to use and actually beautiful to look at (yes, they make storage of excess personal items beautiful to look at!), to customizing and categorizing every space for functionality and convenience - their services and tips are truly a luxury that I can no longer live without! 

- Patricia

We are truly in awe

We are truly in awe of Lisa Jacobs and the Imagine It Done team. Over the span of a few hours our apartment went from chaos to complete organization and order! They made our move so seamless and stress free, and we love how collaborative they are. They really listened to what we needed and adapted that into their organization. 


We were worried upon move in that all our things wouldn’t fit, since my boyfriend and I moved in together and our new apartment lacked storage, but the IID team eased our troubles and created a home for everything!


They shared their tips and tricks along the way while teaching us how to be more organized. Their organizational method is not a one size fits all. It is catered toward each individual, and they organized our space in a way that was functional for us and easy to maintain. Thank you so much to the Imagine It Done team for changing our lives!

I can't wait to have IID back 

I recently worked with IID after moving into a new apartment. It wasn’t until the IID team left my apartment that my family and I felt settled in our new space. The IID team was terrific to work with and they made sure to maximize our closet spaces, while also making them functional and fabulous. Additionally, our kitchen is organized in a way I never could have imagined. I can’t wait to have IID back, until then, I will keep them on speed dial! THANK YOU!

I cannot recommend Imagine it Done more ...

Thank goodness for Imagine It Done!


Not only did they make our move so seamless and easy but I could not imagine living in my home without it being as organized as it is. We only moved next door and thought it would be no big deal, but once you start going through everything you realize how much stuff you have and how much there is to do.


The team quickly packed us up and had everything next door in a blink of an eye.  The Imagine It Done bags are a game changer. I will never go back to cardboard boxes ever again.


I cannot recommend Imagine It Done more. Every single thing in our apartment has a home now and I love it! You don't realize how the little things and tricks they do make such a big difference. I love my home because of Imagine It Done.


Thank you guys for everything, you are amazing! 

The finished product was mind blowing ...

"From the initial email all the way through to the finished product, Image It Done was absolutely amazing to work with and answered all of the many questions I had so seamlessly! The entire process was extremely streamlined and organized and I didn't have to worry about anything! The day they were scheduled to be at our apartment (the day after we moved), they were there right on time and everyone was so friendly and seemed genuinely excited to be there. I was there throughout the day since we were having some work done on the apartment and I couldn't believe how incredible IID's work was! The finished project was mind blowing - perfectly organized closets with a place for EVERYTHING and even with room to grow! Feeling so settled just one day after moving was such an amazing feeling. My husband came home from work and was BLOWN away by how incredible everything was! We can't thank you enough and we can't wait to have you back for phase 2!" -KG

I wish I had found them sooner...

“There really are no words to express the impact that Imagine it Done has had on our lives! I only wish I had found them sooner. Lisa’s team helped us design custom closets for our new apartment, pick the finishes, and then expertly organized every inch of our new home. We have a two-year-old boy and a 4-month-old girl and needed all the help we could get! It’s a 5 star experience through and through and I could not recommend them more! Thank you Imagine it Done!”

The transformation in our home is unbelievable ...

“Wow! It's been two weeks since the Imagine It Done finished our three-day-long project and the transformation in our home is still unbelievable to me. The team was so sweet, knowledgable and an all-around joy to have in our home. They arrived and finished each day on time and utilized my opinions on how we use our space so meticulously. The end result is a highly functional space that is equally as pleasing to the eye. I cannot wait to have the team back to do our bedrooms! Couldn't recommend them highly enough. Thank you, Imagine It Done!!”

Now my home is pristine and in perfect order ...

I arrived at my home in Boca Raton from NY and it was overwhelming! With wardrobes to remodel closet space it would have been overwhelming. Imagine It Done made it seamless and so effortless!  I never thought I would be an organized person. I have difficulty always in purging and keep order in my closets, kitchen, and basement. I accumulated so much stuff and the idea of getting rid of the unnecessary was so daunting. Imagine It Done came into my life and changed my life. Now my home is pristine and in perfect order….. I don't know what I would have done without Imagine It Done. 

-Michele Greenberg

The amount of stress relieved probably saved my sanity ...

Lisa,Your staff were absolutely terrific from the Before to the After.  You came through my door with such enthusiasm and a positive attitude; even while our apartment was under renovation with boxes thrown everywhere...what a mess!   


The Imagine it Done team went right to photo elapse photography, closets, drawers, shelves began to take form. Never have I looked forward to opening my sock drawer. The amount of stress relieved probably saved my sanity.


Not only do all our closets, drawers, shelves look great; everything is accessible and all makes sense. I can’t imagine it done with out You and your posse. Thanks so much!!- Clifford Sondock, Director of Leasing at Spiegel Associates

They make a stressful process enjoyable ...

You could not put a price on the value of Imagine It Done’s services.  I used Lisa and team for my move.  Because of the timing of the move, I was forced to put my clothing and furniture into storage for three weeks in between (and my wife was 35 weeks pregnant!). The Imagine It Done team helped set me up with a first-class moving service a couple of weeks before.  They handled most of the interactions with the moving service leaving my weeks leading up to the move stress free. Imagine it Done provided a packaging materials list and even took care of ordering all of the items for us.  Also all the materials that she recommended were items that we could use in the future, instead of boxes which would just be thrown out. 


Her team showed up to my apartment the day before the move and packed all of our clothing and valuables into the recommended packing materials and labeled everything and set it up in a way to make it efficient for the movers to move everything out of the apartment.  They used care with packing all products, were quick and efficient, and taught plenty of tips along the way to help with being organized.  


The only thing better than the moving out process was the moving in process.  There is not much worse in the world than moving into a new apartment and needing to unpack everything. Well this day could not have been more enjoyable.  


Lisa and her team handled everything from there; from unpacking the bags, to determining the best place to organize the kitchen, to maximizing closet space (which there is not a lot of in NYC!).  In one day, they fully unpacked us, organized all of our storage and closet space and along the way even taught us how to fold clothing efficiently. I have moved 4 times in NYC and honestly this could not have been more stress free and smooth.  They even made our bed making it feel like we never even had to move in.  I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND their services.  They make an extremely stressful process enjoyable. Love Lisa she's incredible!

-Cole Charnas, Director at Eldridge Industries

I can not believe this is my home ...

Pinching myself on this snowy day as I walk around my new home and really get to take it all in! I cannot believe this is my home! It is so fun having all my stuff so organized to play I feel like a kid in a candy store! You changed my life and I love you so! We can't stop talking about how much we love you. I do not have words for my gratitude and appreciation. I am in shock. Complete shock. I cannot describe this feeling. I have struggled my entire life with clutter and feeling in constant chaos. This changed my entire life. 

-Erica Bernstein, Global Managing Director at Edgemont Advisory Group

Diligent with every detail

I am very happy with the outcome of my closet organization by the Imagine It Done team! They were so thorough and diligent with every detail, especially with some of the odd spaces. The entire process end-to-end was extremely stress-free and seamless.


I particularly appreciate that they coordinated to have all the items delivered to our apartment the day before their arrival so as to not clutter our space too long with boxes. They unpack and dispose of all the trash, you truly don't have to lift a finger, all the while taking time to check in to let you know where your stuff is going. Beyond the obvious organization you'd expect, they have really thought of everything. They show up in little dust booties and their own kit packs so that your home is left better than they found it in every way possible.


I found that the team was extremely responsive to emails, much better than other services I had reached out to, and with the utmost care and professional attention. I am very proud to say that after a month I have still kept up with the folding! I see now that this organized lifestyle is very attainable--Lisa has a point, you really just need to imagine it done. Thank you, team! 


- Angela Sumner

More than just organizing

From start to finish, Imagine it Done was more than just organizing my space, they were a full service company that helped me with anything and everything that had to do with my new space. They helped coordinate and source someone to build out my closets. My closets' space is now optimized and can fit so much more than it could before. My closets (3 of them) were all built within one day. This was all coordinated by the Imagine it Done team and made it so easy for me.


The next day, the amazing, efficient and kind Imagine it Done team came in and took all of my clothes, accessories, and linens and magically organized them into my new space. They took care of ordering everything I needed to keep my space organized and all I had to do was sit back and let them make my space look amazing. I could not recommend this company enough and will definitely use them again if I am in need of a refresher or have another move.


- Rayna Tobin

Would never move again without them

Amazingly it’s been 5 months since your team helped me get settled into my new place in Tribeca and I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the job Courtney & co. did.

I’ve read almost every testimonial and social media post praising Imagine It Done. It’s all true and then some.


Not a day goes by that I don’t marvel at how Imagine It Done’s organization and planning informs everything around the house. From the closets to the kitchen pantry to the bathrooms and the laundry room, everything is in its place, and well-placed at that. I guess I did not realize how setting it all up right at the beginning makes keeping everything clean and organized every day that much easier. My son even joked as we were unpacking his Freshman year room at college “Imagine It Dorm.”


I think I joked with you at the time that while not inexpensive your service provides lasting value and is the definition of money well spent. It brings to mind the old Stella Artois ad with a glistening bottle and “Reassuringly Expensive” below it. You get what you pay for has never been more true.


I wouldn’t imagine moving ever again without Imagine It Done.


- Jonathan Wald

Couldn't be happier

We couldn't be happier! We just moved into a new apartment and the Imagine It Done team really helped us both maximize our new space and actually be able to see everything we own. The team also was great about listening to our personal aesthetic and incorporating our specific needs. 100 percent would (and plan to!) work together again!

- Perri

Best money spent on this move

Josh and myself don’t have enough words to express our gratitude. 


Courtney and the entire team were kind, understanding, patient, and beyond helpful for Josh and myself. They listened to us, they helped us find solutions, and they truly took care of us. Using Imagine It Done was the best money we spent on this move. We feel more settled than we’ve ever felt in an apartment and it is undoubtedly because of your team.

- Catherine Carter

Making the most of my space

I had the best experience with imagine it done! They helped organize and redo all my closets. New York City is always tight on storage space and I am really into fashion, so imagine it done helped me make the most of the spaces I have. I’m excited to be heading into the new year with my closets, clothes and apartment and in order. It even inspired me to organize other areas of my life like my locker at work! I would absolutely recommend their team- they are incredible to work with!

A move without the stress

I just wanted to thank you and your team for all of your help and support during my recent move. From start to finish you, Courtney and the team went above and beyond to remove all the stress and friction from what I anticipated being a complicated project, but it all came so naturally to you all. You helped me to organize, edit, label (that PTouch!), coordinate with movers, donate and sell. I can’t wait to work together on my next project. Thank you again, 


- Josh R

Live changing!

One thing I have never been able to do is keep my space organized. Thank god Imagine It Done came into my life at the right time! They transformed my space completely and for the first time ever I ACTUALLY know where to find things in my apartment. I can’t believe how fast they worked and how much effort they put into each project. They are truly life changing!

- Remi

An entirely new apartment

We could not be happier with our Imagine it Done organizational experience. I purchased the service for our apartment in Brooklyn for my wife as a birthday gift this year and they did not disappoint. The team was incredible to work with. Not only were they extremely professional, but also extremely friendly and hard working as well. They even stayed late to ensure our space was perfect.


Our apartment is filled with an abundance of items we had accumulated over the years and it was by no means an easy project with our limited space. However, after a few hours it looks like an entirely new apartment. Everything is labeled and clearly identifiable and most importantly visible! We can also bring their system along with us wherever we end up moving next.


We strongly recommend Imagine it Done to anyone considering an organizational service. When we eventually move we will absolutely be using them again in our new apartment / home!


-Eric and Samantha

Stood back and watched the magic happen

In the past three years we have had to move multiple times. Knowing that Lisa and the Imagine it Done team would be onsite to do everything from purchasing supplies, packing and unpacking has allowed us to sleep soundly. Most recently, during Covis-19, we needed to move out of our apartment while abroad. To most, this would be a nightmare scenario but for us we felt confident and at ease with Imagine it Done taking the lead through and through. From the initial email and even after the job was done Lisa and her team were hands-on in every aspect allowing us to stand back and watch the magic happen!


I would strongly recommend Imagine it Done to anyone looking to move, unpack or reorganize their space. 

I am in heaven with my newly organized space

II could not be happier with Imagine it Done. They made the entire process beyond easy, and I barely had to lift a finger. The products that were selected were top notch, and I found it extremely helpful to have their recommendations. I am so happy that everything in my room has a specific home, especially in my tiny closet. During these times of working from home, it is so important to have an organized, clean space, since we are practically spending our entire days in our apartments. Thank you for making my life a little better during this hectic time!

Sit back, relax and watch the magic happen

Imagine It Done has completely changed, not only our apartment and the space we live in, but my entire mood and energy. Before I felt so out of control and trapped with no space. I didn’t know how much I truly needed this reorganization and “junk purge” until I truly saw the results and watched the process. The Imagine It Done experience itself truly allows you to sit back, relax and watch the magic happen. My biggest fear was having to do work and boy, was I wrong! I appreciated that the team gave me the option to be as involved as I want - checking with me on the importance of certain items but letting me nap in my room while the heavy lifting was being executed. Lisa herself showed up at the end to ensure we were happy and the results were up to her standards. We can’t wait to do the second phase soon, however, in the meantime living in a space I can honestly say I’m proud of. If you’re contemplating it, I’d say it’s a 100% recommendation for me! 

I finally have a desk that functions ...

Living in an apartment had been a true challenge until I hired Lisa as a consultant. After rearranging furniture, purging the drawers and closets of clothing, shoes and accessories without any contraction of the room. The icing on the cake? I finally have a desk that functions with files, folders, and a place for everything! - Amy Sussman

I can finally relax in my space ...

“I am so impressed by the entire Imagine it Done team and how they completely transformed my apartment in a single day. Before I hired Imagine it Done I felt stressed out in my cluttered studio apartment. Now everything has a home and I can finally relax in my space! My newly organized closet is now my favorite place in my apartment. I cannot stress enough how much I loved my experience with Imagine it Done!” - Wyatt Todd

I am your spokesperson!

Based on your website, I solved a problem for a customer who wants a reverse osmosis water system under her sink but was concerned about access to her cleaning products.  I went to Imagine it Done, found the other the sink pull out and sent it to her.  She was picking it up today at the Container store as it was back ordered.  I speak about your services constantly.  I am your spokesperson!!

I couldn't believe how quickly and effortlessly they worked ...

I am obsessed with Imagine It Done! My family was recently moving and with two toddlers and a baby on the way, I wanted someone who could help me pack, coordinate with the movers, unpack and organize my  new home. Lisa and her team made this happen. It was, by far, the easiest and most enjoyable move I have ever had (and I've had multiple moves living in NYC!). Lisa and her team were professional, efficient and a pleasure to work with. I couldn't believe how quickly and effortlessly they worked, packing my old apartment and getting my new home organized to perfection all in a matter of days. They really are the best at what they do! 

-Christina Waldman

I never knew I could be organized ...

My experience with Imagine it Done has changed my life. This may sound hyperbolic but they have helped me come up with a system that has revolutionized how I live. They helped me visualize a way to store things that I was incapable of. It was the perfect amount of collaborative - nothing was imposed on me. my input was asked and adjusted as necessary even weeks after the fact. They are always available for questions. I have never worked with a better company and cannot think of anything I've done to better position myself for success and happiness.


Having my apartment organized motivates me to keep it organized. It's been three weeks and I've made my bed every day since (before this I could count on one hand the amount of times I've made my bed by choice). I unpacked from a two week trip immediately because it was easy because everything had a place and I was excited about it!


I never knew I could feel like this. I never knew I could be organized, I thought being messy was a personality trait I could never overcome.


The girls are professional, kind, helpful and understanding. No judgement only suggestions, and plans. I feel like this has been the equivalent of therapy. This will change your life! Don't hesitate.  - Samantha Reyes

Lisa is the real deal and gives 150 percent ...

Feeling overwhelmed about the process of packing and all aspects of a move, I decided to hire Imagine It Done. 

From my first call with Lisa to my last item put away, the entire process was flawless. Lisa took charge from the onset - assisting with hiring of the mover, reviewing all the contents of my apartment (helping determine what to edit, sell, donate, etc), packing, supplies needed, time line etc.

Her guidance and support for this portion of the process was invaluable.

Her team then met with me at the new location and evaluated the space and plan for the "move-in." Her team arrives promptly and with smiles. They assessed the space and determined how my belongings would best fit, and what accessories would be needed to curate most effectively.

All communication was professional, timely and with the utmost respect to my feelings, needs and desires.

My move-in was perfect - in spite of the fact that the apt is under construction and there are numerous workman all around, Lisa's team is as professional and unobtrusive as one could wish for. All accessories were here and ready for proper placement and It became quite obvious to me how much time and effort was put into the design and what was needed to accommodate my vision.

Within a short amount of time, I was completely unpacked and  the apt was magazine ready. Lisa is the real deal and gives 150%. I highly recommend Lisa Jacobs, IID

- Barbara Tiffen, Senior Recruiter, Fashion & Beauty Solomon Page Group

You guys are the best and gave us peace ...

Dear Lisa & The Girls,

Thank you so much for making our home beautiful. You guys are the best and gave us the gift of peace of mind in an organized home!

-Riva, Jordan & Leo

Lisa has worked wonders ...

To be organized by Lisa is as necessary as the economy needs cash. Until I met Lisa, the job of organizing was my worst nightmare. Now, after many years of procrastinating, Lisa has worked wonders; she has transformed every room, converting them from cluttered spaces to functional, sensible rooms. Her organizational methods, makeover decorating and training my housekeeper have made Lisa indispensable in our home. 

-Sandy Nussbaum

It's a breath of fresh air to come home ...

It’s such a breath of fresh air to come home and know that everything has a place. And to know where everything is! The girls did such an amazing job. My home is functional, organized, and clutter free. 


This is beyond my wildest dreams ...

I just got home. And I want to cry form joy, shock, happiness, gratitude. This is beyond my wildest dreams. I cannot cannot believe what my closet looks like. WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW 

This is not normal. You guys are geniuses and deserve all the success growth and positive reviews possible. The loveliest most amazing experience. Problem is. I don't want to take off my clothes or touch it. I cant bear to ruin this or think it wont last!!! 

Love love love my organized space ...

"Love love love my organized space! So happy whenever I open my kitchen cabinets! You were all the best to work with & had such a fun time working on the project together. You were all so professional. Can’t wait for another project together in the future"

Absolutely wonderful

From beginning to end the team at Imagine It Done were absolutely wonderful.  Madison made herself available for my calls to answer any questions and provided updated quotes based on my changes promptly and with detailed explanation. 


Courtney was professional, friendly, understanding, and extremely good at what she does. 


The walk-through helped me to understand what I needed and she provided options based on my requests.  We had just moved to a new apartment and with a 16 month old I had no time to organize as I would have liked. 


IID took the stress out of my recent unpack and a major stressor off of my shoulders. They also completed the tasks in 1 day!  All of the ladies who organized our apartment were very considerate, helpful and very good at their jobs. 


We don't plan to move again soon, but I know I will decide to use them again in the future when we do, and for some small projects over the summer.  I have been able to keep our home looking like they just left because they provided videos to show me how to fold baby clothes like they do, and because they labeled every organizing container.  I am very grateful for this service.  


- Alexandra Levy

IID gave me the skills to maintain an organized home

Over a year ago we had Lisa and her talented team help organize our small chaotic apartment into a fully organized space for me, my husband, two boys, and our dog! Almost two years later, our apartment remains just as organized as it was the day that Lisa completed the project. It may even be more organized as Lisa gave me the tools to always see new ways to organize new things that come into the apartment, and handle new categories that occur as my boys grow older. She and her team gave me the skills to have an organized home even years after she came to help. 


- Lauren Rosenstock 


The work Lisa and her team did to not only help our family get moved in, but completely organized in 2 days was INCREDIBLE! I highly recommend Imagine It Done for anyone who is looking to get organized or moving into a new home. 


- Andrew Tiffen

Made a cross country move feel like a busy afternoon

Imagine it done made a cross country move feel like a busy afternoon. They unpacked my home in a single day and made the transition seamless and stress free. I am so grateful to the entire team and have no doubt I will continue to work with them in the future.

Delightful, professional, methodical

Working with IMAGINE IT DONE was incredible. Their team is delightful, professional, and very methodical. They totally transformed my closets and I can actually SEE all my clothes, shoes, and bags (compared to when everything was squeezed in together).  Now it feels like I've been "going shopping" in my own closet.  

Truly changed my world

Imagine It Done team —


I just want to say thank you again for everything.  You did an amazing job and rolled with all of it.  I returned home last night and could not be more thrilled.  You have truly changed my world!  Sounds major, but true.


Look forward to more ahead

A complete game changer

"The morning after we finished, I woke up SO happy, calm, and at home in my apartment this morning. It was a complete game changer. Getting ready and dressed felt like a vacation! I was even excited to go get my vacuum! Thank you all for your time and expertise in helping me get my new apartment set up and optimized."

- Josie Driscoll

Life is now fully organized

Imagine it Done, was without a doubt the glue that held our project together. From the first conversation to project completion their team listened to our needs and delivered above and beyond expectations. This move was also a significant purge of excess stuff and they were able to navigate what stayed and what was donated as well as move it all in and organize like pros. Imagine it Done also was able to outsource and help manage the buildout of "underwhelming" closets that are now beyond functional and seamless match the apartment aesthetic. Couldn't recommend any higher, so happy they were a part of the process, and life is now fully organized and smooth, thank you!! 

Bespoke meets practicality

Imagine it Done exceeded our every expectation.  Bespoke meets practicality — their team provides transformative solutions to your every day routine.

Wouldn't want to move without them

Imagine It Done helped us on both ends of our move – they prepped and organized everything, coordinated seamlessly with our movers, and then helped us organize all of those items in the new space. They made sure everything went smoothly and were so easy to work with – the whole team was prompt, pleasant and efficient. We love what they’ve done with our space and we wouldn’t want to complete a move without them!

Can't image a home without Imagine it Done

I have used Imagine it Done for my last two moves in Manhattan. They are truly a pleasure to work with! From the curated product list they create, to finding the perfect space for each item in your home, the team is extremely efficient and organized. After experiencing their level of expertise and attention to detail, I cannot imagine living in a home without their organization!

- Jerial

Using Imagine it Done was one of the best decisions I've ever made...

Using Imagine It Done was one of the best decisions I ever made. Being a single guy and living by myself for the last 5 years in NYC, I never set myself up with a good framework to have my things organized.


Over those 5 years I lost focus - I was messy/cluttered and truly was a distraction in my life. I made the decision to move to a new apartment in NYC and part of that is having it set up for success. I needed help with my clothes, kitchen, bathroom, closets! I CAN be organized but having strong systems in place holds it together better.


Imagine it Done helped me clear out all my old clothes to donate and sell. My closets are amazing now with all my clothes and shoes ORGANIZED. Now that I am set up, I can focus on my career and have a clear mind now that I have a great foundation. 2020 was the perfect time to shed the old and establish the new :) Thanks to Lisa and her army of amazing women!

- Carl

The dark clouds have gone and I feel the sun shining ...

Finally got to experience what my twin sister has been preaching for the past 20 years.  An organized space is an organized mind is an organized life!


I live in Los Angeles and during the past 30 years I have moved innumerable times.  Each and every time Lisa has assisted  me in the move out and move in. I really did not understand the need for the edit before a move and the curation once you get into your new home. I was just used to having the movers pack up the contents and deliver the stuff to my next home.


This past several weeks was an eye opener.  Lisa came to Los Angeles to help me during a difficult time . Difficult, not only due to the Pandemic but to add stress to the situation, I had a malignant tumor removed from my kidney.  When I returned home from the hospital Lisa insisted on organizing my apt I had moved into this past August. I was not really paying attention to the set- up of all the spaces, closets, kitchen, bath, office.  Instead my focus was on my medical issues.


As she walked through the apartment she said everything was in the wrong place.  Within 3 days, Lisa removed all the contents from every closet and cabinet rearranged everything buying some accessories which were necessary to maximize space.


The kitchen, bathroom, linen and utility closet are now in perfect order. Not only does everything look amazing, it works for me in my new home.


Honestly now that I see what was done I truly feel the change it has made for my overall well-being. I have clarity, order, systems, and most of all peace of mind.

The clutter that was behind the closed doors and cabinets, the lack of order was in fact a reflection of what was going on inside of me.


I now understand what Lisa means when she discusses the importance of organization throughout your physical space. It has a tremendous impact on your mental wellness. The dark clouds have gone and I feel the sun shining once again!



Lisa Jacobs and Imagine It Done

To making my life, all the more worth the living. ❤️

- Beth Stewart

Lisa's Twin

I feel an enormous weight has been lifted ...

I am beyond happy... my space feels like my space again. I can see everything, use everything, everything has it's own place... I'm re-inspired. I've noticed myself hosting more, designing more, putting together outfits instead of wearing the same thing over and over... 

years of acquired junk has been removed and I feel an enormous weight has been lifted!

Now that my space has been decluttered, and my closets arranged, I'm wearing clothing that I haven't thought to wear in years using purses that were stuck behind tons of other purses, wearing jewelry that I thought was lost (!!!!) and merchandising my space like I used to do years ago. 

My experience was amazing... the girls came in and quickly felt like friends that wanted to help me organize and use my space more efficiently. Everyone was patient, loving, and even used some "tough love" when I needed that extra push to change my ways to get rid of "stuff." Even when I got a little freaked out because I was so used to having things a certain way, no one got offended... they instead suggested trying something new, or working around what I really didn't want to change!!

I get EXCITEDDDDD TO OPEN MY DRAWERS!! and I get EXCITED to cook dinner! And I get EXCITED to use my Tupperwares, and my labeled spices ... When the project was over, I missed the girls!! 

Eternally grateful, Kate

Our closets are a dream realized ...

I had only imagined my ultimate closet. The bar was pretty high as a former accessories editor at Vogue where I was in charge of the closet which housed all of the clothes, shoes, jewelry, belts, scarves and bags for every shoot. Fast forward to our new TriBeCa loft. Our closets are a dream realized. Itemized and organized. My master closet is as good and better than I imagined. Dream to reality thanks to Imagine it Done. -Jen Press Marden

I can't say enough amazing things about Imagine it Done

The two words that come to mind when thinking about Imagine it done are LIFE SAVERS.  When my husband and I started to think about moving last year, we knew it would be a process and if it weren’t for Imagine It Done I’m not sure it would have even happened.  We knew we would need them for all phases of the move- the pack up, the move to our temporary place and then the move in.  As everyone knows in NYC, construction always takes longer than expected and with us, move in dates were pushed weekly.  Imagine it done was patient with us and worked with our forever changing schedule.  They were even there to listen to our frustrations and assured us that in the end, it would all be worth it.  When move in day finally came, everything went extremely smoothly because of them.  Their team came with their container store bags in hand, and after two days, there weren’t any moving boxes, everything had a home and was perfectly organized. I can’t say enough amazing things about Imagine It Done and can’t wait to use them again for a refresh! - Courtney Scavo

Your services stand out compared to others ...

It was so wonderful having Imagine It Done at my apartment. When the team left, my throat got tight. It felt like I was about to cry. The sessions went so well, everything looks great. 

 At first, my husband was not happy with me for scheduling another organizer and he couldn't believe all the product we ordered. After seeing the final results, he really does love everything  the team has done. I have used other organizers in the past and I have to say your services stand out by far compared to the others. Your team is so helpful, kind, friendly, patient, and non-judgmental. I am loving getting used to the new space we have. -Ashley Krueger, mother 

It was truly magical watching her work ...

It's no surprise that as women, we can never have enough space! Our shoes are overflowing, our handbags are being mushed into the corners of our closets, and our clothes are falling off of our hangers and onto the floor. We need help! And recently I needed a ton of it! With the big move into my new place, I had to call in the big guns: a personal organizer. Lisa Jacobs not only came into my life, but I will never let her out! Here is why!

Very simply, Lisa managed to take every mess I had and turn it into a space that was my own personalized store, housing all my clothing and accessories in the neatest of ways, pretty eye and sleep and chic. It was truly magical watching her work. And I will continue to watch her work throughout the process of my apartment coming together! I'll never let her go! Ha!  -Lindsi Lane, Founder at So Lindsi

I feel so much better personally ...

I've always thought that 'organized chaos' was something that would be OK to live by. When I came across Lisa, I knew I needed her help in certain areas, but that wasn't the case. Lisa started with the heart of my home, the kitchen and after spending some time in this one room, I realized I COULD feel it in my whole house.


De-cluttering and organizing has been life changing for me. Not only does everything have a place, but I feel so much better personally. Lisa and her girls are now like family. It has been a pleasure working with them and not just in my home, but at my parents home as well. Anyone would be lucky to have these girls change the way they live!

-Amanda Goldberg, Goldberg's Famous Bagels

Imagine it Done completely transformed my life ...

The team at Imagine It Done completely transformed my life. They created sustainable changes in my home, resulting in me feeling peaceful when I enter my doors. Before Imagine It Done, I couldn't spend too long in my apartment without feeling chaotic and cluttered! Imagine It Done proved that your environment is directly proportional to your overall wellbeing! -Caroline Leventhal, Health Coach

I should have started this process long ago ...

I was a hoarder, with overcrowded rooms filled with magazines, newspapers, cosmetics and too much clothing. My new home had become cluttered within the first year. After two years, I decided to bring Lisa into my life. Within two months, a massive cleanup was undertaken in every room - and it has changed my life forever. I learned two things from my experience: I should have started this process long ago; and Lisa Jacobs is a life-saver! -Michele Greenberg

To my bedroom to closets, they did it all ...

Gearing up for our family of three, we really needed an organization revamp and the Imagine it Done team systematized every space in my apartment. From my bedroom and kitchen, to closets and pantries, they did it all! The team of five were lovely, paid meticulous attention to detail, carefully considered all of the spaces that needed to be organized and made every space organized and look AMAZING.

-Joanna Dunphy

Our contractor loved what you guys did ...

Our contractor was just here and he loved what you guys did.  His company is Form Ltd. and I hope it will lead to more CT jobs for you guys! -Rebecca Shenkman 

You've made a difference in my life ...

Hi Lisa! Just wanted to say hello and tell you how much you've helped me.

So many great tips of yours come into my head during the day while I am around the home, packing, or planning and always smile and think of you.

Needed to let you know how much you've made a difference in my life. Love you!

-Gramercy Park Stylist

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