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Learn how to edit and refresh your belongings every season

Lisa Jacobs of Imagine it Done

You know how it goes: You finally get your summer wardrobe organized, and then it is time for fall.

Or you have piles of boots in the winter, but struggle to know what to do with them when the weather turns warm.

The seasons change, and so should our organizational systems. But sometimes it’s tricky to know how to make those transitions.

Lisa has a variety of tricks up her sleeve, and she is going to share them with you at an upcoming virtual event.

Join her on Bright on August 24 at 8 PM Eastern to learn how to edit and refresh your belongings in every season.

You’ll get a chance to interact with her directly as she teaches and take advantage of her expertise applied to your situation.

When summer shifts to fall, you will be prepared to make the transition in your home with minimal stress. Lisa’s tips will set you up for a seamless fall season.


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