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Customize to maximize your space

Organized entryway closet

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Whether you are looking to splurge on a California Closet custom LED fully lit room or a bracketed Elfa wall system, there is no debate that the investment has a huge pay back. I am not only talking about money, but also, lifestyle. Imagine it Done stands firm with a long standing mission statement: An organized space is an organized mind is an organized life.

When space is a commodity, anything custom is a bit of luxury. The art of custom, built in storage and organization systems has become, for many, a necessity, with endless design options to maximize and enhance every room in your home.

Whether the focus is a closet, office, laundry room, kitchen pantry, family room, playroom, gym, basement, or even a garage, a built out space adds function, sensibility and magic.

You want to avoid walking into clutter in an entryway. No one wants to have to navigate through shoes, coats, totes, strollers, and backpacks. Consider the entryway as a place where the family drops everything. A clutter-free entry contributes to, and sets the tone, for a calm, peaceful, stress free home. The build out of the entry closet is the game changer. Whether you choose a wall bracketed Elfa System or opt for custom cabinetry, you will have that aha moment as you walk through the front door. Pro Tip: build out vertically to maximize every square inch of the space.

Vertical shelves allow for more storage in closets

Remember to add hooks and bins, and don’t forget to set up inside the closet door. The Elfa System allows you to set up the space perfectly by clipping baskets of all sizes on the wall rack that can contain a variety of categories: shoes, gloves, hats, umbrellas, athletic gear, etc. Spare no space on any free wall space by adding hooks for coats and jackets. Add open shelving, rather than cubbies, to maximize the horizontal running space for shoes, boots, etc. Use the top shelf for seasonal and infrequently used items. The top shelf looks great with matching bins to contain random items. If you set up this closet with a well thought out customized plan, it will remain a family and guest closet, avoiding the tendency to be a receptacle for stuff that does not belong.

Organized custom closet

Getting to the most sought after space deserving of customized plans ... I am referring to the Master Bedroom Closet. This space has a tendency to be the wannabe showcase in your home. The first room that comes to mind in discussing closet build outs is the master. The most important rule of thumb is to pay careful attention to who you are, not who you were or want to be. Don’t imitate others closets hoping to create a staged, curated space. The master closet in particular, must be designed exactly to YOUR lifestyle and how YOU function. Ask questions to learn about the different options you can pick from: cabinetry, color, lighting, hardware, etc. Options are endless, so do not imitate others, rather create your personal space with your personality. If Elfa is your choice, the focus is the same: customize and personalize.

Whether it is a closet or any space you decide to customize, the benefit and outcome should be the same: to enjoy a peaceful, simplistic, functional and organized life.

If everything you read in this post still seems too confusing to handle alone, feel free to contact us as we would love to consult on your next closet design!


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