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A new year, a new, organized you

Organized pantry stocked for the new year

Lighten and Enlighten your Life

The New Year is a great time to purge the old and start fresh. Something about the turning of the calendar gives us motivation to make lasting change.

This is particularly true when it comes to organization.

Start with evaluating where you are now.

Tired of spending way too much time looking for your stuff all over your home?

Tired of finding yourself short tempered with your kids making a mess everywhere?

Tired of the overflowing piles of laundry and realizing there is just too much stuff and not enough order?

The year of the Pandemic will go down in history not just due to the painful losses, uncertainties, financial setbacks, overwhelming anxiety and the unknown. It will also be remembered as the year of the Silver Lining.

For so many affected by the enormous challenges there remains hope, light and a new life to embrace. The vaccination is not the only reason to celebrate the new year. We must look deeper to realize how the Pandemic has triggered awakenings for many.

Living life during the past year has been different than ever before. The home is no longer a place to simply eat and sleep. It has become the central station for everyone in the home.

What was set up in one way, changed to what needs to be set up in a different way. Space is now defined by what we are doing and not doing every day.

Here are tips to set out on the road to clarity and peace in the new year.

1. Edit before you organized

Take everything out of the closets, drawers, etc and sort through it. Get rid of anything that is old, broken or doesn’t have a purpose, such as:

  • Old mismatched hangers

  • Old, read newspapers , magazines, books

  • Files , mail, paper trail

  • Cassettes, DVDs

  • Electronics, cords, electrical junk

  • Worn linens and towels

  • Toiletries, cosmetics and medicines

  • Shoes that don’t fit

  • Pjs and underwear

  • Plastic containers with no matching lids

  • Old dishes and cutlery

  • Broken plates and glasses

  • Kids stuffed animals and toys

  • Junk in drawers

Getting organized becomes easier when you have less stuff that has no value in your life. By clearing out the old, you make room for the items in your life that you use and love.

It also gives more space to set up organizational systems that are functional and beautiful.

Tips for Pantry Clean Out:

  • Review every item

  • Box and donate unopened non-perishable items to local food shelter

  • Check expiration dates important for infant formula or other items that are particularly sensitive to decaying with time. (Canned goods are usually ok for awhile after expiration.

  • Discard canned goods if dented or rusted

  • Place food into clear airtight containers to maximize space, see the for quantity and overall visual of space

  • Tape cooking instructions to the back of containers where necessary.

  • Add expandable tiered shelves to see all items and maximize space

  • Add slide out drawers for deep shelves.

2. Take things one day at a time.

If you look at the entirety of your home and belongings, it will undoubtedly lead to overwhelm. Often when we are overwhelmed, we quit before we start.

Pick one small project each day to tackle. Momentum brings more momentum, and small wins keep us motivated.

If you get off track, start again the next day without beating yourself up.

3. Lose the word forever.

Very few things in our lives are forever. If you think that this one project will keep you organized forever, we are likely to be discouraged when your home slides into disorganization during a crazy season of your life.

Organization is a process that we must continually refine. Circumstances will likely change again in your home in the future, requiring new methods.

4. Accept imperfection and believe in the process.

The Imagine it Done process of edit, categorize, contain, organize, curate and personalize has stood the test of time. It is a process that works and can be tailored to your lifestyle.

Don’t strive for perfection, because this isn’t a realistic goal. Instead, continually go back to this process over time, and gradually you will begin to make new habits that improve your home’s organization and your clarity and peace of mind.

We understand the notion that providing extra shelf space is important. However, it is the mental space we gain from the physical space cleared that indeed changes your life.

As you embrace 2021, resolve to make changes that give you more mental peace and a smoother every-day life.

Need to put your home on a schedule in the New Year? Download our free cleaning schedule checklist.


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