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  • Lisa Jacobs

Six questions our followers are always asking

An organized closet with matching hangers

I created my business, Imagine it Done, in 2004 after discovering my innate ability to organize whatever chaos came my way. As a 1977 Magna Cum Laude graduate from Boston University, I landed my first job with Payot, the French beauty company. Several years later, moving on to the world of advertising and the model agency industry, I worked in NY and Paris as the assistant to the chief creative director for fashion and beauty accounts. Suddenly, I was married, had 3 children and had moved 7 times. That’s when I realized the task, process and moving projects were more than a hobby, rather a lifestyle.

Deliberately, for the next several years, I concentrated on establishing a business from this passion. After more than a decade of taking many financial and personal risks, Imagine it Done has grown into a leading business in its category. With a trained team of 12, Imagine it Done provides home organization services to clients throughout the NY and Tristate area. Through our social media platforms, we educate our worldwide followers with videos, products, photos, and tips on how to get and stay organized. We believe “An organized space is an organized mind is an organized life.”

We get a lot of questions as we interact with clients in person or followers online. Here are a few answers to our most frequently asked questions.

1. Can you share some of your clients?

We have worked with some amazing clients, ranging from working and pregnant moms, single men and women, and small and large families and influencers. Many of the noteworthy include Arielle Charnas, Jenna Rennert, Lindsay Silberman, and Carl Radke.

2. What should someone do if they feel overwhelmed and not sure where to start?

An inspirational message I share with everyone is to realize any new task is overwhelming until you get started. As the project develops the momentum and impact of decluttering is so satisfying that excitement, contentment and order replaces anxiety. You will honestly say “What took me so long?”

Make a prioritized task list, begin with a space that troubles you the most. Whether you begin by sorting and cleaning out your junk drawer in the kitchen or take on the bold task of editing your master closet, the relief will be life changing. And buy a box of contractor bags( heavy duty garbage bags) to manage all of the items you toss, give away, donate, and keep.

The Imagine it Done 5 step process will help to streamline the project.; edit, categorize, contain, curate and personalize.

Organization will become a habit, a decision that affects your well-being. It is essentially “turning over a new leaf.”

3. What’s the best hanger to make our closets look even more beautiful and picturesque?

Definitely acrylic hangers. If you love your wardrobe, be proud of your closet. Your clothing should be the visual not the black, tan, grey velvet, dust collecting hanger. The overall aesthetic will be incredibly more impactful. Pro tip: use baby hangers for pants, tank tops, and thin strapped dresses.

4. Do you have any tips and tricks on maximizing storage space?

The edit /declutter process is essential in order to curate the space. The number 1 tip in maximizing space is a careful review of every drawer, shelf, wall space and length of poles for hanging. Adding the same hangers will maximize the hanging space. Utilize every inch vertically and horizontally. And don’t forget the back of the door for more storage. Elfa accessories uses wall mounted racks with multi sized bins that add tons of space for accessories and folded clothing.

Bins, trays, drawer dividers, shelf dividers, shelf risers and hooks are our go to space maximizers.

5. What are some of your favorite products to use in closets and why? Where can we get them?

Most of the items that we suggest for our clients come from The Container Store. and Amazon. They have an amazing variety of items to select from, ranging in price and color. Our must haves for a closet are:

  1. Matching hangers, preferably acrylic, as mentioned above.

  2. Acrylic Shelf Dividers: this will allow you to have different categories on one shelf without having them mix together (i.e keeping sweaters, zip ups and hoodies separated).

  3. Drawer Dividers are a must! If you have limited drawer space and need to share a drawer with two different categories, it is important to keep those categories separate.

  4. Shelf risers

  5. Elfa storage system

Is there anything else we should consider while tackling how to make our closets more organized and pretty?

It is all about what functions for you! Everyone loves the look of a beautifully curated home like we see on Instagram.

It is important to remember your home is a reflection of you. Your stuff should reflect who you are now, not who you were, or want to be. Personalize by adding framed photos, trinkets and mementos . Imagine it Done manages space for our clients' personalities and lifestyle. Our methods and systems are exclusive to our client’s needs. We know that “An organized space is an organized mind is an organized life.”

Want to get started with a clean and organized home? Download our cleaning schedule checklist.


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