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Clients tell all: closet transition from piecemeal to practical

This is part of our ongoing series where clients tell their personal stories. Here is one from Alexandra.

Imagine It Done was a true game changer for my family. I am pretty sure we can all relate to that feeling when you find something in depths of your pantry that you forgot you owned but could have used a thousand times over. I can finally kiss that ridiculous reality goodbye! With the team’s organization skills, categorization as well as suggestions on plastic bins and containers, I am able to find every strainer, appliance and mug. In my kitchen, I had more expired canned goods than I am proud to admit, the team helped me throw away what was way past due as well as organize my canned goods so that I know what I have.

When Imagine It Done came into my apartment, I had a closet that was hard to explain. Was it a linen closet, a pantry or a place for cleaning supplies? Hard to say! In combination with my kitchen, the team helped me cleanse my junk as well as figure out what is “inventory/spill-over” vs. essential items. Who knew? Truth be told, I didn’t need 15 cans of chick peas in my kitchen next to my coffee mugs. Now, there is a method to the madness – every item has a home & if it doesn’t, it’s no longer in my apartment! I used to be embarrassed to open that closet when I had guests. Now I’m inviting friends over to show it off.

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