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Client Tell All: More than just organizing

This is part of our ongoing series where clients tell their personal stories. Here is one from Rayna Tobin

"From start to finish, Imagine it Done was more than just organizing my space, they were a full-service company that helped me with anything and everything that had to do with my new space. They helped coordinate and source someone to build out my closets. My closet's space is now optimized and can fit so much more than it could before. My closets (3 of them) were all built within one day. This was all coordinated by the Imagine it Done team and made it so easy for me. The next day, the amazing, efficient and kind Imagine it Done team came in and took all of my clothes, accessories, and linens and magically organized them into my new space. They took care of ordering everything I needed to keep my space organized and all I had to do was sit back and let them make my space look amazing. I could not recommend this company enough and will definitely use them again if I am in need of a refresher or have another move."

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