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Client Tell All: From controlled clutter to reimagined space

This is part of our ongoing series where clients tell their personal stories. Here is one from Shira.

Life in Manhattan is so many things: exciting, wondrous, spontaneous, energizing, glamorous, romantic, fast-paced, stimulating. Apartment living in Manhattan is all of these things, too, packed into narrow spaces, piled ceiling high in small closets, and tucked away inside and underneath cute furniture. As these tiny storages inevitably overflow, we purge some things, keep most, and on occasion, discover an underutilized junk drawer, and fill it to the brim with the small items that previously cluttered the kitchen counter, the bedroom dresser, and the media console.

There simply is no time to organize, let alone stay organized.

I always considered myself to be organized. My desk is neat, I make my bed every day, I keep a to do list. I can usually find things that I need in under one minute, and the food in the fridge is never past its expiration date. But as my nesting instinct settled in seven months into my pregnancy with my second child, it occurred to me there simply was not space for another human, and all of the stuff that goes with it.

My attempts to organize were met with crushing defeat - I learned there's a fine line between the "controlled clutter," which I confused with organization, and unbridled mess. Our neat city life had blossomed and grown, and so too did our home and our stuff. The clutter-mess had gradually become so much bigger than anything I could reasonably tame before bringing home this baby.

I needed help. And not the "Google 'tips on organizing my home' " kind of help, but the "hands-on professionals who strategize and implement sustainable organization systems based on a very specific and idiosyncratic set of habits and preferences" kind of help. So I called Imagine It Done.

Lisa’s team delivered on the promise of “Imagine It Done” in that they literally reimagined every single tiny space in my home. Every drawer, shelf, closet, and surface was thoughtfully redesigned and optimized according to my family’s needs, habits, and volume of stuff. For the first time ever, everything in our home has its own dedicated spot where it can be accessed and put away with ease. Unpacking groceries is no longer a frustrating game of Tetris but a low key way to unwind after a long day. I love opening my pantry - just to admire it. I love how I can see everything in my bedroom closet from the doorway. I love how my hallway closet is a functional masterpiece, resplendent with labeled white Nordic baskets, organized by category and frequency of usage.

I especially love the nursery that the Imagine It Done team helped me make the space to create.

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