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Clients tell all: A move made easy with Imagine it Done

This is part of our ongoing series where clients tell their personal stories. Here is one from Maya.

I had Imagine It Done help me through a recent move. I really wanted a seamless process where I had white glove organization at both ends from moving out of the first home to moving in to the new one. I also was working with an interior designer and wanted to have her involvement in planning. Imagine It Done was there to facilitate this every step of the way.

Prior to the move, the IID team was happy to go to my new apartment and meet with the designer to discuss a plan and get a sense of the layout. They were available to me with any questions and curated a product list that was second to none.

The team then came in to help me with the “edit” process – basically helping me purge so that my family would not move with things we don’t use or need. This was incredible! The ladies were helpful with opinions and advice when I was on the fence about anything and they also took care of the donating and /or disposing of everything we decided to edit out.

When it was time to move, the ladies showed up for the packing process with smiles on. They were efficient, lovely, and even sweet with my kids. On the other end, they  unpacked and organized a TON of boxes in each room – again with positive attitudes and strong work ethics. This was no small job and, to make it more challenging, they were tasked with working in an apartment with upwards of ten contractors/designers/handymen on the premises at any time, which they handled seamlessly. There were multiple occasions where I would come in and add some details or request a change and, without hesitation, this was done to my satisfaction. By the end of my move, my new home was more organized and my cabinets and closets were prettier than I could ever have imagined. I only hope I can keep it that way! The team was also incredible about ordering any last minute products we needed and returning products that we did not use. I didn’t even have to think about it. Imagine It Done really took a huge amount of stress out of the move.

On another note, Lisa is like the fairy godmother of household tips. She literally knows how to solve every organizational, appliance-related, or general household question. She is incredible. Her tips and tricks always come in handy, and I still find myself going to her for product advice, which never fails to impress!

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