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The Organizers Essentials Checklist: Cleaning Supplies Edition

Cleaning supplies

This post is a part of a series on organizer essentials. Check out the bathroom edition here and the laundry room edition here

The Imagine It Done team believes that efficient cleaning systems lead to a happier home! Especially in today's age, our homes are our sanctuaries and it's important to keep our homes polished and joyful. Imagine It Done has compiled a Cleaning Supplies Essentials Checklist of our top 25 most recommended products for you! Stocking these products in your home will make cleaning easy and give you more time to relax and enjoy your home.

The links below include affiliate links, which means that Imagine it Done could earn a small commission at no cost to you for any purchases made. Please note, all products are Imagine it Done ‘s favorites used on site and approved by our clients.

Multi- Purpose Cleaning Checklist:

We love the Blueland brand because they make stocking up on cleaning essentials and cleaning out an excess of bottles easy! The Clean Essentials kit includes 3 reusable cleaning bottles and 1 reusable foaming hand soap bottle. The kit also has 4 tablets for you to fill with water in the reusable bottles. These bottles and tablets will give you all the supplies you need for Multi-Surface cleaner, Glass and Mirror cleaner, Bathroom cleaner, and Foaming Hand Soap. You can subscribe to receive tablet refills or purchase them when needed. Blueland makes cleaning and restocking easy breezy.

Lisa loves the Better Life cleaning products, they safely clean all surfaces without leaving any residue. The Better Life cleaning products are a great cost effective and sulfate free option.

Blue Dawn Dish Soap has so many purposes besides just washing dishes! It can be used for pre-treating grease or oil stains, unclogging your toilet, to clean your dishwasher, shower, hair, your pool, and so much more. Learn about more uses here! Lisa considers this one of the best household essentials for all its many purposes.

Borax is another product that has a super long list of ways you can use it. Use Borax on its own or add it to other cleaning products to boost its ability. Borax can clean carpets, cookware, outdoor furniture and more. Read the Imagine It Done blog on the many ways to use Borax here!

There are more household cleaning uses for Baking Soda than you could imagine. Baking Soda deodorizes, removes stains, cleans grime off rough surfaces, clean marble, and toys. See more of the many uses of baking soda here!

These are our favorite reusable cleaning gloves!

The Casabella All- Purpose Cloth is Lisa's favorite because the cloth cleans deep and picks up grime that other clothes just don’t. Casabella has a full line of machine washable cloths for every single surface in your house so if you're looking for a specific surface cloth, we recommend Casabella!

If you’re looking for a cloth to specifically clean and dry glassware, Lisa recommends the FoxTrot cloths! These machine washable cloths will leave a streak-free, mirror like shine on your most special glassware pieces!

This broom is designed to pick up tiny dust and pet hair like a magnet. Lisa says this broom is the more efficient way to clean dirt and hair off your floors. The foam insert can be replaced or easily cleaned in the washing machine so it lasts long term!

Lisa says the Miele is the best vacuum that you could own. The Miele is her favorite because it has a bag which keeps all the dust and dirt contained. If you have a Dyson, everytime you dump it out, there are dirt particles being thrown back into the air. Vacuums aren't pretty to look at so Lisa likes the plug in Miele as opposed to vacuums that you have to plug into the wall to charge. The Miele is the cleanest, lightweight vacuum that comes with lifetime warranty options!

If you prefer an old fashioned cleaning mop, this is the one to use! The Casabella Spin mops built in soap dispenser and pivoting mop head make it the easiest to turn your floors sparkly clean.

If you have hardwood floors, Lisa considers the Bona spray mop and cleaning spray as an essential duo!

Laundry Checklist:

The Shark Steam Iron is Imagine It Done's pick for the best quality and best priced iron!

Wrinkle Release Spray will be a game changer for your ironing life. Not only does it remove most wrinkles without using an iron but it eliminates odors and static.

Mojito is our favorite eco- friendly, plant based, all natural wrinkle release spray. Not to mention, it leaves your clothes smelling citrus fresh!

Over time, washing machines build up odor leaving residues and grime. The Affresh tabs will get under the residue and break it up to completely clean the interior tub of your washing machine. The Affresh cleaner tablets are a great product for disinfecting and preventing mold build up in your washing machine.

If you have mold anywhere in your house; refrigerator silicone seal, washing machine seal, kitchen sink, tile grout caulk, bathtub, window frames, and even the wall, you need this product! Mold Mildew Cleaner concentrates deep into the roots of the mold to remove it and create a long lasting prevention seal. This is the IID recommended and eco- friendly product to use for removing mold and mildew.

Specialty Cleaning Items Checklist:

I think we often forget how many germs our phones are exposed to, it’s essential to have a system for disinfecting your tech products. Lisa chose these screen wipes over others because she could see a huge difference in the cleaning of the cloth. She loves that these wipes are non abrasive so it cleans softly while disinfecting your screens. We also love the Whoosh brand because it comes with a kit of wipes and cleaning spray, you’ll have everything you need to keep your screens clean!

When Lisa discovered The Gleener, our sweaters lives were changed forever. The lint rollers that we’ve been using for years never get all the lint off of our clothes, and even if it does it takes so many rolls! The Gleener makes it possible to forget about all the fabric pills, fuzz, and pet hair that gather on our fabric over time. It comes with 3 different depth blades so you can shave and clean the thinnest and thickest of fabrics. The Gleener is battery free so it's easy to take with you on the go!

The Novus cleaner is specifically made for plastic, acrylic, and plexiglass. Many people think that just because a surface is clear you can use Windex but Windex will destroy it. Use Novus on plastic and acrylic for a product that cleans and leaves shine.

This is the Imagine it Done chosen product for cleaning glass and crystal. This product will leave your chandelier or even your crystal ornaments sparkling clean!

Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner is the best cleaning product for all metals. The product disinfects metal surfaces without leaving any streaks. The spray leaves a polish to prevent future smudges and smears. This product also smells so amazing and fresh!

Easy- Off cleans tough baked on stains and grease without using any fumes. Use this product to clean your oven or any other stainless steel surface.

If you have pets in your home, this product is for you! Your pets accidents and messes are no match for Nature's Miracle. This product can be used on fabric, hardwood, and carpet. Nature's Miracle Stain and Odor Remover works to permanently remove odors and stains while leaving a fresh clean scent behind.

This brilliant toilet brush has a flexible head that works to cleans every area of your toilet, even under the rim. The durable, water repellent bristles allow the brush to dry faster so storing it is cleaner.


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