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  • Alli Beck

The Organizers Essentials Checklist: Laundry Room Edition

Organized laundry room

This is part of a series on some of the essentials we use for our clients.

If you want to go from dreading the chore of doing your laundry to loving it, like I do, here’s how to make it all happen.

We have rounded up our favorite products we use in our clients' homes to make your laundry room clean, functional and maybe even your favorite space in your home.

Glass canisters with lids

Clear stacking storage bins

White wire stacking bins

White nordic Storage Baskets

White Plastic Storage Bins with Handles

3 Tier Rolling Cart

Easily add magnetic storage to your washer and dryer with this organization system!

Magnet Storage & Organization System

With this compact, pull out drying rack it makes it easy to avoid bulky and big drying racks.

Wall Mount Drying Rack

Slim Grips Hangers

Yamazaki Tosca Wire Laundry Basket

Tote Laundry Basket

Aubrey Laundry Cart

Striped Bamboo Framed Hamper

Woven Rattan Nesting Baskets

Laundry can be a real hassle of baskets and drying racks spread across the house, make it easy with this 3- bin rolling cart!

3-Bin Premium Rolling Laundry Center

The Laundress Fine Micro Mesh Washing Bags

Lisa loves the Laundress dryer balls compared to the others because they don’t shed on your clothes and they last longer than other brands.

The Laundress Wool Dryer Balls

Are you currently stuffing your ironing board into closets and corners? Consider upgrading to a compact and functional system for storing your ironing supplies!

Wall Mounted Iron and Ironing Board Holder

If you’re tight on space, the Elfa over the door racks are a great option for maximizing your laundry room storage.

Elfa Mesh White Over the Door Rack

Minky Homecare Ironing Board

This is Lisa’s favorite handheld steamer because it is the most efficient steamer she has ever owned. The Steamery iron really gets the job done!

Steamery Handheld Steamer

The Shark Steam Iron is Imagine It Done's pick for the best quality and best priced iron!

Shark Steam Iron

The Gleener makes it possible to forget about all the fabric pills, fuzz, and pet hair that gather on our fabric over time. It comes with 3 different depth blades so you can shave and clean the thinnest and thickest of fabrics.

The Gleener Fuzz Remover

Whether you have a grand laundry room or a tiny closet, Imagine It Done has the Laundry Room organization hacks for you! See more products in our shop.


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