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Organizer Essentials: Bathroom Edition

A clean and organized bathroom

Do you think you already have the most organized bathroom? Or are you looking for some tools to get your bathroom organized? Either way, meet the Imagine It Done Bathroom Essentials. Take a look at all the products you need and how the IID team uses them, to imagine your own bathroom done!

Under the sink products:

Under the sink drawer organizers

Adhesive Organizer Bin

Like-It Module Drawers

Medicine cabinet products:

Makeup and Medicine Cabinet Two Tier Organizer

Medicine Cabinet Organizer

3-Section Acrylic Edge Stacking Bin

Acrylic Stackable Drawer Organizers

Drawer Organization:

Acrylic Stackable Drawer Organizer

If you’re going to get drawer organizers, also get some museum gel! It is so amazing and keeps all the organizers perfectly in place. Check out this video of Lisa using it!

Expanding Acrylic Drawer Organizer

Makeup and hair organization products:

Stackable Make-up Organizer

Stackable Make-up Organizer

Lazy Susan Organizer

3-Tier Lazy Susan Make-up Organizer

Make-up Pallet face mask Organizer

Extra Bathroom Storage Products:

Ivory Shagreen Hamper

Rolling Slim Storage Cart With Handle

Tension Shower Caddy Rod

Gallery White Bath Cabinet

These are our organizers trusted, stylish, and go- to bathroom products. Introducing just a few of these systems into your bathroom can make a huge difference. We can’t wait to see you Imagine It Done!

Remember to tag in your organized bathroom pictures! If you are looking for more bathroom products, check out our shop.


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