Maximizing your small space to the max

Imagine it Done’s guide to moving into -- and living well in -- your small space

Organization in closets to maximize small spaces

With the change of season we always experience excitement and challenge. The spring and summer months bring sunshine, fresh air new schedule, and often the anticipation of a move out or move into a new home. Whether preparing to move into a college dorm, a first adult apartment, or even simply downsizing, this project can be quite daunting. How to fit all your stuff into a smaller space is the million dollar question. Not to worry- Imagine it done is expert in tackling small spaces and organizing and maximizing exclusively for your lifestyle.

Not to worry -- Imagine it Done is an expert in tackling small spaces and organizing them perfectly for your lifestyle, with no nook and cranny overlooked for space maximization. And this topic could not be more relevant as I just moved two of my kids into new NYC studio apartments last week! My team and I were on hand to capture and impart the tips and tricks applied to these two jobs. We are so excited to share them with you to maximize your small space to perfection.

Read on for our most practical and clever solutions. Follow us on Instagram to see how we solve the problems. Always remember, an organized space is an organized mind is an organized life.

Tip 1: Invest in a storage bed

storage bed

A bed with storage is the perfect solution to contain all of your bulky items, extra linens and towels, out of season clothing, memorabilia, luggage and more. Imagine your very own storage unit in your bed. There are typically 2 different set ups for these beds. Either a pull up with storage in a platform or with drawers built into the platform. Both are super functional. Consider your stuff to hideaway yet need accessible in determining which is best suited for you.

Here are a few options we love:

Grid Tufted Storage Bed

Tacoma Storage Bed

Haven Storage Bed

Malm Full Platform Bed

Malm Queen Platform Bed

Tip 2: Accessorize to Maximize

floor to ceiling cabinetry

Maximize the height of all spaces with organizational accessories. Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry is your best bet to utilize every square inch of vertical space. Key accessories within tight spaces will help keep everything in place as efficiently as possible to maximize to the fullest. Storage containers and garment bags is a great way to stash out of season stuff.

Check out this storage cabinet from Elfa and these totes from Ziploc:

Elfa Decor 4 White Storage Cabinet

Zip Lock Totes

Tip 3: Create storage behind doors

Door storage and hanging storage products

Behind the door is a gold mine. It’s like winning the lottery. Imagine this as the best opportunity to maximize space with hidden storage solutions. Mount these brackets and bins onto the inside of a door to store shoes, belts, handbags, even miscellaneous small garments. Mount inside pantry cabinets and doors, to contain spices, condiments and foods. Last but not least, inside your laundry,/utility room for cleaning supplies.

Our favorite door storage options include:

Chrome Over the Cabinet Double Basket InterDesign AFFIXX Plastic Organizer

Tip 4: Use risers to create shelf space

Risers for organizing shelves

Risers are the perfect solution to get the best bang for your buck! No more stacking 20 plates on top of one another, no more coffee cups askew ready to topple over . This shelf called a riser . You will gain an additional shelf without having to add the full shelf. The variety is vast to coordinate with your cabinet décor. The riser is suited for the kitchen, laundry, pantry, bathroom and bath.

Here are two options:

Yamazaki Home Tosca Dish Riser

Single Chrome Corner Shelf

Tip 5: Invest in a free standing storage unit

Standing storage closet

Call them trolleys, carts, free standing cabinets. They all serve the same purpose. They are not built into a space, they are placed in any spot where space is a commodity. For the kitchen, place a trolley next to the center island for additional cooking supplies, or a catch all for the kids stuff. The bathroom is a perfect room for this accessory. Place it in between the toilet and sink, we know there is never enough space on the vanity for your makeup! In the laundry room you can tuck this cart in between or next to the washer dryer for supplie