Imagine It Done's Top Acrylic Pieces for Organizing

At Imagine It Done, we're all about using products that are functional. Acrylic pieces are some of our favorite items to use throughout the house and serve many purposes for home organization. Check out our list of recommended products based on their functionality.

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Clear Shelf Dividers - Dividers are key for keeping your clothing piles separated in your closet. The dividers help keep the items folded neatly and in place.

Drawer dividers - The perfect piece for separating and organizing your items in your drawer such as socks, underwear, bras, etc.

Purse Organizer - Keep your closet clutter-free with this purse organizer, ideal for small bags and clutches.

Drawer Organizer - Similar to draw dividers, these bins help you to organize your desk space so that everything has a place and fits perfectly. You can also use these drawer organizers for your kitchen drawers or other places you store small items.

Acrylic Tank Tray - We love this piece from CB2, for many purposes. If they fit, they are great in your medicine cabinet to keep your items organized. It can also be used on top of the toilet to hold your folded towels.

Luxe Acrylic Extra Large Modular Drawer - These drawers are perfect for organizing your makeup, jewelry, or sunglasses. Using a clear acrylic makeup organizer helps you to see your items easier and creates a more functional space.

Closet Complete Hangers - You have probably seen our new favorite acrylic hangers all over our Instagram. We prefer these over felt hangers as they are more durable and save more space.

Tea/Coffee box - Keep your coffee pods and tea bags organized in one place with these acyclic boxes.

Check out other products we love for keeping your home clean and organized in our shop.

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