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Imagine it Done’s Guide to Baby Nursery Organization

Nursery essentials to keep organized

Whether you are a first-time parent or expecting another little bundle of joy, getting ready for baby’s arrival can be a life changing, exciting and overwhelming time. With so many changes to internalize over the +9 months of pregnancy, the task of preparing for baby can be incredibly daunting. Not to mention, deciding between all of the options of “baby” products out there can make any parent-to-be’s head spin!

The key to getting ready physically and emotionally is to focus on the room in your home that will be your baby's loving and functional nursery. We typically see soon-to-be parents are quick to buy clothing and decorative accessories before they think about the arrangement of furniture and organization for the nursery. But here at Imagine it Done, we implore you to think about how you will set up the room with the proper furniture, configuration and organization accessories before you see what clothes and toys can actually fit into the room. Once you ready the space, you will naturally get yourself mentally prepared for your little one’s arrival knowing that their room is ready to receive them and feel a sense of calm and excitement.

We have many clients who have turned to us to help them for their baby’s arrival, and we are thrilled to share our trusted list of nursery organization tips and essential products to properly ready your nursery for the day your baby comes home. Having raised three kids myself, I will never forget the feeling of bringing baby home to their serene little haven, and I take joy in giving our clients the tools to savor in that very special moment. And the most important tip to remember: your baby will only stay an infant for so long! Before you know it, they will grow into active little toddlers. As such, their room should be functionally prepared to adapt as well. Read on for following advice to create your Zen and peaceful yet functional, practical and safe nursery and Imagine it Done!

Nursery organization ideas:

Nursery organization ideas

  • Choose a crib that will grow with the baby and can be lowered as baby gets more mobile Keep cribs away from windows to avoid drafts and any window treatments that the baby can easily reach (huge potential hazard).

  • Blackout shades are a must to ensure baby’s room is dark for daytime naps. If installed shades are too big an investment, temporary blackout shades will do the trick.

  • Invest in a changing table. Make space on the tabletop next to the cushion for go-to baby changing supplies (creams, lotions, wipes).

  • The most efficient changing table has drawers for baby's first year:

  • Top Drawer: diapers, wipes and extra essential supplies (creams, thermometer, nail clipper, brush, medicines, etc.)

  • Middle Drawer: rolled casual / everyday baby clothes (onesies, PJs), bibs & burping cloths

  • Bottom Drawer: folded linens, swaddles & blanketsKeep diaper pails and hamper on the side of the changing table to easily discard diapers and clothing without leaving the baby's side.Place a glider in the nursery for rocking and feeding the baby.

  • Place a small, sturdy table next to glider for personal items, digital clock, sound machine, nightlight.

  • Be smart about setting up the baby’s closet to maximize space for a growing child. Invest in Elfa system shelving to use the space you have vertically and to fit the baby’s complete wardrobe.

  • Always leave room among the sections of the closet for future clothes as the baby continues to grow!

organized drawer of baby items

Here is our curated list of our absolute favorite nursery organization products for every new mom and dad:

Acrylic Baby Hangers

Acrylic kid's hangers

Uniform hangers help with nursery closet organization as well as give it an overall finished look. They are perfectly sized for baby and children's small clothing, while saving more space than thicker plastic hangers.

Buy acrylic baby hangers. (Use code imagine15 for 15% off)

Age Hanging Dividers

Age children's clothing dividers

Age dividers make separating clothes for growing tots easy. Instead of sorting through your child's clothes to find the right size, they will all be separated out for you with these dividers. They add a sweet decorative touch to nursery closet organization.

Drawer Dividers

Drawer dividers

So many baby items are small and can easily get jumbled in drawers. Keep clothing categories in place with drawer dividers. These clear dividers expand to any drawer size and lock in place with foam bumpers so they protect your nursery furniture.

Pehr Bins

Pom Pom Storage Bins

Stylish and functional nursery organization bins add a classy touch to your nursery. They are hand sewn and made of 100 percent cotton canvas material. These pom pom bins are useful for stashing toys, books or other baby nursery items. They come in multiple colors so you can match your nursery's decor.

Elfa Wall Storage System

Elfa Wall Storage System Closet door organizer

The Elfa Wall Storage System is the perfect tool to create extra storage space in your nursery's closet. It hangs from closet doors and provides shelving for baby nursery items in what otherwise would be wasted space. The baskets can be easily repositioned for different-sized items.

White Stacking Wire Bins

Wire Stacking Bins

Stackable nursery organization bins help maximize space in small nurseries. They are made with coated metal so they are extra durable and have handles for easy carrying.

White Taper Storage Bin

White Taper Storage Bins

Nursery organization baskets help with keeping track of inventory, baby supplies, and future clothing. They are easily stacked to allow for storage of all your extra baby items. Choose between two sizes or mix and match.

JR William Medium Acrylic Tray

Acrylic organizational tray

Acrylic trays keep the baby’s changing table in order. Keep diapers stacked and within reach. They can be wiped down for quick cleaning and come in several colors to match your nursery.

Buy JR William Medium Acrylic Tray. (Use code imagineitdone for 15% off)

Acrylic Bookshelves

Acrylic bookshelves

Categorize books by genre not color on these floating bookshelves. These acrylic shelves are a great solution for small spaces. Their sleek profile reduces the chance of bumps and bruises for your little one. They are made of high quality, thick acrylic, which keeps your child's books securely on the shelf.

Parachute Crib Linens

Baby Blanket

This organic crib bedding will keep your baby cozy at night. The sheets are breathable, soft and fit snugly around your crib mattress. The quilt makes a great decorative item hung over a crib, or is useful for tummy time and draping over a stroller.

Buy parachute crib sheets and quilt.

Restoration Hardware Changing Pad Cover

Restoration Hardware Changing Pad Cover

Make sure your baby is comfortable during diaper changes. Made of Matelassé, a fabric with thick quilt-like stitching, these changing pad covers are a soft alternative to plastic changing pads.

Savor Keepsake Box

Savor Keepsake Box

It's easy to lose track of small items that your child used or loved as a baby. Finally, there is a storage system set up for your baby’s special momentos. It comes with labels and drawers for a variety of keepsakes.

Buy Savor keepsake box. (Use code IMAGINE10 for 10% off)

Like It Storage Bins

Like it Storage Bins

Life It Storage Bins are the perfect wipeable bin and come in a variety of sizes. Mix and match to create functional spaces in your nursery furniture, closets or shelves. When you baby grows up, you can repurpose them to other areas of your home.

Buy Like It Storage Bins medium and wide.

Kleenex Perfect Fit Tissues & Cover

Kleenex Perfect Fit Tissues and Cover

Keep these sleek cylinder tissue holders on the changing table. They take up little space while making tissues easy to grab when needed.

Buy Kleenex Perfect Fit Tissues and Cover.

Leifheit Drying Rack

Leifheit Drying Rack

This clothing drying rack is perfect for the baby’s delicate items. It retracts down into a towel bar to save space when not in use. It is sturdy without being bulky.

Browse more baby nursery essentials in our shop.


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