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How our virtual consultations can help you get organized

An organized closet

The Coronavirus pandemic has upended life for most of us. We find ourselves in a new reality for the time being.

One silver lining is that it has caused us here at Imagine it Done to fast track an idea that we have been entertaining for a while: offering Virtual Consultations. This means that those of you who don’t live in the New York area can now take advantage of our services. For those of you who do, you don’t have to wait until the end of the quarantine to start overhauling your spaces. We will help you get started now, while you have the time.

Organizing without our guidance is a little bit like learning to cook without a chef or a recipe to guide you. DIY is only effective when we are available to give explanations as to what and how to organize.

The Imagine it Done philosophy is based on client connection and making long-lasting lifestyle changes that are catered to the way you live. We aren’t just interested in the before and after, rather the “during” when this unfolds. Education is necessary to achieve success.

We approach virtual consultations a lot like how we do one-on-one meetings with our clients. Through discussion of your lifestyle, likes, dislikes and a visual of your home, we establish a human connection.This provides us with a clear, more accurate way to better assist and direct you to organize your home. Most important is an element of trust and confidence that develops upon our initial conversation. It is necessary to see, listen and converse in making decisions with you about how to, what to and why to organize your troubled areas.

Imagine it Done’s tips, tricks, tools and systems are created exclusively for each client.The product selection is not a template. We consider many factors in creating the list.

As we help create systems that work for your lifestyle, we find ways to make them beautiful. The meeting of function and beauty defines Imagine it Done.

Looking for something meaningful to come out of your quarantine? Think about the big picture of how this could jumpstart a more organized life from now on. Don’t put off for tomorrow what can be done today!

Now you have the time, think about resetting habits that might better align with your values. Organization is the project that will redefine your space, reevaluate your lifestyle, shift behavioral patterns and put everything into a better perspective. This is the perfect time for this self care.

We are missing the one-on-one connections with our clients as we are physically separated, but we also look forward to helping more people around the world Imagine it Done.

As we always say, an organized space is an organized mind is an organized life.

For a limited time, we are offering 10 percent off our virtual consultations. Just add promo code Corona10 to the notes in your contact form.


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