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How to combine a closet and office into a styled Cloffice

Who would’ve thought that working from home would become the norm? Well, here we are, and the world is loving it. Despite making strides in the pandemic, many companies have seen the benefits of what working from home does for their employees' morale and productivity.

And while there may come a time when you do have to return to the office, you can at least give yourself a dedicated home workplace.

But not everyone has the luxury of a spare room they can transform into an office. Nor do they have space in their living room or bedroom for a desk. More often than not, those spaces are not conducive to a working environment. They’re not sufficiently functional or inspiring.

So how did people adapt? They improvised and so began the rise of the “cloffice.”

What exactly is a cloffice?

A cloffice is a blend of two rooms, a closet and an office. It should be curated with a sophisticated and functional design to adequately combine the office and your wardrobe. Essentially, it enhances and upgrades the traditional closet using a balanced mix of beauty and function.

Imagine you are on a Zoom and your backdrop is reflective of you, your wardrobe and your workplace. Your cloffice creates the ideal backdrop as it showcases all of your hanging wardrobe: dresses, jeans, slacks, blouses, skirts, sweaters, and a wall filled with shoes and handbags.

The setup is similar to a retail store where a hanging wardrobe is curated onto floating poles suspended from the walls. A genius maximization of space. The way you organize your closet should make you feel as excited as you do when walking into your favorite clothing shop. This will help you highlight pieces and make your work surroundings even more beautiful.

With the perfect layout, you maintain order and efficiency in your workplace while you are surrounded by the wardrobe that defines you.

How to maximize space in your cloffice.

You might be thinking, “How am I supposed to fit all my work necessities in the same space that I keep all my clothes?” The truth is, you will, and it works. So long as you maximize the space you have.

1. Open storage.

Open storage is your best bet when it comes to maximizing your cloffice space. It allows you to see everything at a glance and easily organized into categories. Consider your shoe display for example. Add a shelving cabinet and fill with all your shoes and boots. Remember if you see your stuff, you will know it and remember to wear it! Apply the same layout for your work from home necessities.

Dedicate a few bottom shelves for files. This way they’re nearby but won’t take away from the beauty of your shoe collection. You can even keep your files in a nicer filer organizer like this Acrylic File box or use clean, minimal storage boxes.

2. Utilize a desk organizer.

Because you might be limited as to the size of the desk you’ll be using, you want to be strategic with the supplies you keep on hand. A desk organizer is your best friend in this situation. But don’t go too bulky. You want something functional, but also something that won’t crowd your desk.

Opt for an organizer that can hold a few pens, sticky notes, a notebook or planner, and a file or two. If you prefer to keep all paper off of your desk, our next tip will interest you.

At most, you want one cup for your pens and other writing instruments and perhaps a single or 2-tiered paper tray as a catch-all. At the end of each day, make it a habit to tidy up. Remove anything that doesn’t belong so you can return to your space with a clear head the next day.

3. Get a rolling file cabinet.

It doesn’t take long for paper to crowd your desk. But your cloffice is meant to inspire you, not overwhelm you. That’s why having a sleek rolling file cabinet like this 3-drawer one is an ideal addition to your cloffice.

It can be placed underneath your desk, on the side, or kept against another wall of your closet. You can utilize the top for jewelry or perfume and have it be both functional for your work and your closet needs.

4. Portable supply box or tray.

If the desk you have is too small to keep supplies on day in and day out, you might want to try a portable supply box or tray. One of our favorite products is the Elin Toolbox. You can store pens, sticky notes, a notepad, and more inside. Carry it to your desk during work hours and store it somewhere else after you sign off for the day.

If you don’t want to use it for work supplies, it’s a great addition to your closet. Keep smaller items inside like perfume bottles, jewelry, makeup, or more. You can then carry it into your bedroom or bathroom and use it when needed.

5. Limit cords.

Cords are an eye-sore. One or two isn’t so bad to look at, but when you have three or more, it ruins the aesthetic of any room. Not to mention they become a tripping hazard as well.

Your cloffice, while designed to be functional, shouldn’t be overrun with wires and cords. Yes, your computer will need a cord and that should be one of the only cords you allow. To avoid tripping over it, run the cord as close as possible to the edge of the desk and then down to the floor. Set it somewhere you don’t often step and add a cable management box for the rest.

Pro tip: run the cord beneath a rug. Add a decorative rug to embellish the space and conceal those clumsy cords for good.

6. Lighting is key.

It’s difficult to work in a dim office. Studies have shown that the more natural and brighter the light is, the more productive people are. If you’re doing a major transformation like I am, upgrade your lighting. Your clothes will thank you for it.

If you’re at the mercy of the space you have, invest in a single, high-quality desk lamp. Like the desk organizer, don’t go too bulky. You don’t want the lamp overcrowding your desk. You want a light that is bright enough to keep you focused, but not blinding. It’s a fine line.

You can also use a generic ring light. Not only does it offer great lighting, but it’s already set up for Zoom meetings.

There’s a reason the cloffice has become so popular. It provides a space for you to focus and be productive, but also be inspired. Inspiration is vital for productivity. So the next time you’re thinking about switching up your work from home set up, consider a cloffice and how it can benefit you.

If you’re interested in setting up your own cloffice, head on over to our Shop where we offer must-have products for your work-from-home setup. And if you find that no matter what you try, you can’t seem to figure out how to make your cloffice work, contact us. We’d be happy to schedule a time to come and help you out.

Are you still working from home? Do you have a dedicated workspace or are you working from your couch? Want to know more about how a cloffice can benefit you? Comment below and we’d be happy to share our thoughts.


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