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Client Tell All: Highlight of my year

This is part of our ongoing series where clients tell their personal stories. Here is one from Isabella Rivera

"Imagine It Done has been the highlight of my year! I wish I’d found Lisa Jacobs - and her amazing company and fantastic team- sooner as I can’t be more thrilled with the results. I’m beyond amazed, ecstatic and so happy with the outcome! I enjoyed the process so much that I actually felt part of the team! The curating, the tips and tricks, and the functionality of the products are so precise I have a newfound love for the art of folding, editing, and keeping tidy. Lisa and her team helped me literally imagine it done! The meticulousness they work with is impeccable and I’m in awe of Lisa and her team. Lisa is truly the fairy godmother of organization! I began the day having an apartment unit and ended it feeling like home. There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude to Lisa and her marvelous team! A million thanks to the Imagine It Done team and I can’t wait to have you back soon!"

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