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Clients tell all: Help in time of transition

This is part of our ongoing series where clients tell their personal stories. Here is one from Samantha.

Imagine It Done helped me so much during a huge time of change in my life. My boyfriend and I had been long distance for 5 years and we finally moved in together. I always knew I was messier than he was, but when we moved in together it became VERY apparent and harder to ignore. He is naturally a very organized and clean person. Meanwhile, I felt so overwhelmed all the time and constantly guilty for not being able to maintain the same (or any) level of organization. Imagine it Done was SO amazing! They came, they listened to me, heard the things I struggled with and helped me come up with a system for myself and my things. It sounds very simple, but it was life changing. They helped me organize all my things and probably saved my boyfriend’s sanity! I had so many things in so many different places with no rhyme or reason. I kept saying to myself I’d get to it and do it myself eventually as the guilt and stuff mounted.

Thank you so much to the thoughtful, kind and talented team for helping me overcome this obstacle! I now LOVE putting things away, back where they belong. It’s a total 180, thanks to you all. Imagine It Done listens to you and helps you come up with a system personally tailored to your needs and lifestyle. Best money I have ever spent! Their style is non-judgmental, collaborative and helpful! I was able to do all this while working! 

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