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The best products for spring cleaning

Best Cleaning Products

Best Tools to Clean: Cleaning Tools for Every Use

Cleaning your home can feel like a daunting task if you don’t have the best tools and products. Especially right now, when there are millions of cleaning products advertised everywhere! The best supplies are multi purpose and work in many different parts of your home. The products listed below are must-haves to ensure all areas of your home are cleaned properly.

A set of microfiber cloths is always a must-have. A wet, microfiber cloth holds onto dust unlike the standard feather dusters or disposable cloths. They are great at cleaning counters or appliances, polishing glass or tile, even getting pet hair off clothing! I also love these fun colors which allow you to use a different color per room and for different surfaces. Unlike the waste of paper towels, these soft cloths are cost effective. Pop them in the washing machine and hang dry. Pro tip, do not add softener to the wash cycle. The softener will affect the efficiency of the cloth.

From dust covering your baseboards, to grease in the kitchen, or tough to remove marks on the walls, a Magic Eraser can tackle them all. Some of our favorite and unique ways to use magic erasers are:

Removing labels from glass bottles. The Magic Eraser will remove glue residue on the glass without needing to use goo-gone.

Remove dirt from a computer. You will not believe how dirty the outside of a laptop is until you use these.

Clean your baseboards. Use a Magic Eraser first followed by a dryer sheet. This will put off dust from gathering overtime.

Clean Leather. A Magic Eraser is great for scuffs, pen marks and dirt on your favorite leather bags or to clean leather couches and suitcases.

Magic Erasers are one of the most versatile products and are considered a must-have for a clean home!

Method Products are great for an overall clean home, especially for the bathroom. They're clean, environmentally friendly, and smell fresh - unlike many harsh/harmful products. A lot of people use Lysol products for cleaning shower soap scum, but once you’ve used the Method’s Shower Spray you will never go back! The product is also a one-step application, all you do is spray your shower curtain, tub, tiles, etc., and you're done. No need to rinse and scrub, and the smell lasts for hours.

Cleaning Vinegar and Water Solution:

Great for cleaning everyday surfaces like countertops, remotes, kitchen tables, refrigerators, bathroom surfaces etc. An equal part Cleaning Vinegar and water combination is a simple and easy solution for everyday use. Make sure your vinegar is household cleaning vinegar not all purpose used in salad dressing. Pro tip, do not use on marble and granite surfaces. The acidic quality will damage the stone surface.

If you own a microwave you understand the pain of keeping it clean and splatter free. The Angry Mama softens and dissolves all caked on food particles and germs. Just fill it with water and vinegar and place in the microwave for about 7 minutes. Zero effort required.

This is an essential product for kitchens, especially in New York for those without a dishwasher. The spray bottle feature is much easier to use and is less messy than the standard squeeze-out bottle.

Now that you have the list of our favorites, let us know how they work for you! You can also download our free cleaning schedule and checklist here.


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