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Spring clean your life ... for life

Spring Clean your accessories

Imagine it Done always says, “An organized space is an organized mind is an organized life!” We believe in creating functional spaces so you can maintain a healthy, joyful, and productive lifestyle.

What better time to do an “inventory” check of your space than the start of Spring? Spring to us is all about renewal and rebirth. The streets are thawing, days are getting longer and brighter, and buds are starting to sprout on the trees. With the fresh air and sunshine, comes the opportunity for change. Time to reboot your life and home! New schedule, new activities, means changing out the clothing and household essentials that go along with the changing of the season.

The exercise you must master to get you started? Declutter, Edit, Categorize, Re-edit, Organize and Curate.

It is our joy to share with you a few home organization hacks to tackle three key areas: entryway, pantry, and master closet. Invest in you, and you will start the warmer seasons off with renewed sense of purpose, order and motivation — with a “spring” in your step.

Enjoy and Imagine it Done!


Lisa Jacobs

Entryway and closet organization

Entryway and Closet

  1. The entryway is the first thing and last thing you see when walking through the door. Designate purpose for this space taking into consideration your lifestyle.

  2. Use labeled categories so your entryway is not a dumping spot. Entryway bins typically include: Pet Supplies, Shoes, Scarves, Hats, Sports Equipment.

  3. Valets are an excellent piece for homes with limited storage space

  4. Uniform hangers are a must in every closet in the home. They maximize every square inch of space and give your closets an overall finished look.


pantry organization


  1. Unbox food items - cereal, spices, chips, pasta, snack packs- into clear jars or containers to maximize space and know what you have. When you can see what you have, you know what to buy and what not to buy at the grocery store.

  2. Buy in bulk & keep track of extra inventory on upper shelves

  3. Two-tier turntables are perfect for condiments & spices. Plus, they maximize vertical space.


Closet organization

Master bedroom closet

  1. Use drawer and shelf dividers to keep clothing and categories in place

  2. Vertically stack your clothing so all of your items are in view

  3. Your accessories are meant to be worn and loved. Display items including handbags and jewelry in acrylic organizational accessories so you never forget about your favorite pieces.

  4. Merchandise your space with items reflective of your personality. Make it your special room/nook by placing select meaningful books, photos and memorabilia

  5. Did we mention?….LABEL LABEL LABEL!

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