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Imagine It Done X Dormify: How To Get Organized For Back To School Time

Lisa in an organized dorm room

It’s back to school season, which is the perfect time to start organizing your family and get your children organized for the school year ahead. After moving three children into college, Lisa has quite the experience when it comes to dorm organization and space saving tips. Imagine It Done has partnered with Dormify for the perfect collaboration to help bring you our expert tips for organizing your children for college along with our favorite products to do so.

During this process, both Imagine it Done and Dormify received a variety of questions about dorm living and tips for maximizing small spaces.

1. Are there recommended ways to fold your clothes to maximize your space?

Lisa recommends to fold items such as jeans, sweaters and sweatshirts. Check out this video on how to fold your jeans to maximize space: Video to jean folding.

2. How should you categorize certain clothing items? Ex: What should go on hangers? What should be folded in drawers and shelves?

You should hang items that cannot be folded such as blouses, silk shirts, zip-up hoodies, outfit sets, dresses and skirts. While other items that will not get wrinkled can be folded.

3. How should you store out of season clothing and how do you make under your bed look nice?

You can put items under your bed in a storage bin that zips up, or above your closet. Check out the bed skirt we love from Dormify below to hide any under bed storage pieces.

4. What is the best way to store shoes?

We love using shoe racks that can go in your closet right below your clothes, especially ones that have slip resistant bars to avoid your shoes falling off.

5. Is labeling worth it?

labellabelWe LOVE labeling, it's one of the keys to staying organized, especially when it comes to small spaces. You can purchase these labels we use on bins. This can stick to almost any product. is great for clipping onto bins, and this

6. How to create more desk space if your dorm desk not have a shelf/husk

Purchase a desk riser to not only create a shelf for your belongings, but also to help maximize the desk space.

7. What can you use to organize your makeup?

We love using clear containers to help keep your makeup together in one place, while also being visible so you stay organized!

It was so much fun to go “back to school” for the day as we worked with Dormify to get one of their clients ready for their dorm room move-in. Special thank you to Dormify on this collaboration on dorm room organization. For more tips and tricks to get you organized for the school year, follow and @dormify on Instagram and head to to shop all of their amazing products.

And check out some of our favorite products from the Dormify collection that we used to organize the dorm room below:

1. Hanging Cube Organizer with Hanging Rod - perfect for putting folded shirts and extra storage items, while having a rod for hanging clothes + 4 Piece Closet Essentials Set with Pop Up Hamper - We love this set for all of your closet needs.

Hanging cube organizer in a closet

2. Under the Bed Storage Bin On Wheels - The perfect piece to store extra linens and towels and out of season clothing.

Under the bed storage bin

3. Extra Long Bedskirt - A great item to hide your under bed storage pieces and elevating the feel of the room

Extra long bedskirt

4. The 4 Tier Expandable Grip Shoe Rack - We know your kids have a ton of shoes, which is why we love this expandable rack, which has no slip grips.

4 tier expandable grip shoe rack

5. Bed Caddy - Keep all of your favorite items in one spot right next to your bed! Perfect for storing remotes, cell phone, notebooks, and late-night snacks.

bed caddy

6. Clothing Storage Rack - Limited on closet space? Check out this adorable closet rack which comes with two chic drawers for extra storage.

clothing storage rack

7. Franklin Desk Riser - Maximize your desk space with this desk riser.

Franklin desk riser

8. Sunglasses Organizer - keep your glasses together with this glasses hanger.

sunglasses organizer

9. Acrylic Accessories Caddy - A place for all of your beauty products. Turn your desk into double duty - vanity & workspace

acrylic accessories caddy

10. Glimmer Storage Nests - Keep your stuff together with this adorable bin, perfect for storing towels.

Glimmer storage nests

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