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Make your home a place to love, not just a place to live

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New York-Based Professional Home Organization

Trade Chaos for Peace in Your Home Through our Home Organization Services in NYC

Sometimes you feel like your life is in shambles. It’s hard to manage a career, family, and other day-to-day obligations when your drawers are a jumbled collection of random items. If you are like many of our clients, you might be constantly rummaging through stuff struggling to find the one thing you need. You want to get organized, but you don’t know where to start or how to maintain it when you do. The idea of diving into such a big project seems daunting. 


That’s where Imagine it Done comes in. We are an exclusive organization company based in NYC, with proven systems and methods to help you not only organize your home but keep it that way. We will teach you how to edit your belongings, keep what you need and love, while discarding what you don’t. Eliminate the unnecessary so the necessary will speak.

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Lisa Jacobs, a professional organizer and founder of Imagine it Done

Meet Lisa

Professional home organizer in New York City

Lisa Jacobs began my Imagine it Done in 2004 after discovering her innate ability to organize whatever chaos came her way. Having moved her family 7 times, she realized the task, process, and project was more than a hobby - it was a lifestyle.


Since then, she has grown Imagine it done from a passion to a business.

Closet organized with bins and arcylic hangers

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Professionally organized closet

What people say

Amanda Goldberg

Goldberg's Famous Bagels

"I've always thought that 'organized chaos' was something that would be OK to live by. When I came across Lisa, I knew I needed her help in certain areas, but that wasn't the case. Lisa started with the heart of my home, the kitchen and after spending some time in this one room, I realized I COULD feel it in my whole house. De-cluttering and organizing has been life changing for me. Not only does everything have a place, but I feel so much better personally."

Arielle Charnas

Something Navy

“I found Lisa Jacobs through my mother in law and she seriously changed the way we live. She helped us move with our baby and helped me organize my life before my second baby arrived. She keeps our home meticulous and beautiful and doesn’t miss a detail. Not only has she made my home feel like home but she made sure everything in my home has a home.” 

Caroline Leventhal

Health Coach

"The team at Imagine It Done completely transformed my life. They created sustainable changes in my home, resulting in me feeling peaceful when I enter my doors. Before Imagine It Done, I couldn't spend too long in my apartment without feeling chaotic and cluttered! Imagine It Done proved that your environment is directly proportional to your overall wellbeing!"

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