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Our favorite products for minimalism

minimalistic desk top

Essentially, minimalism is about “less is more.” It’s about avoiding unnecessary items (“clutter”) and instead embracing functionality, utility, and simplicity. In order to achieve minimalism in your home, you must declutter often. Once your home is tidy, there are countless organizational products that can help maintain minimalism.

If you are in need of a sleek and slim additional organization solution, Imagine It Done is always recommending either the Yamazaki Rolling Storage Cart or Rolling Slim Storage Cart. These are smart and practical space-saving storage solutions for the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room, etc.

Rolling Slim Storage Cart

Another form of minimalism is to have a sense of cohesion. For example, we suggest for all hangers in a closet to match so there is a clean aesthetic. Another minimalist approach is to contain categorized items into matching bins or baskets. Not everything is meant to be on display, so this allows you to store items with purpose.

Here are some of our favorite bins and baskets:

Whitewashed Rattan Bins

Water Hyacinth Storage Bins

White Stacking Wire Bins

Also, these storage bins are essential for storing electronics & cord, tools, and utility items. They also stack to optimize vertical storage!

White storage bins

One of the easiest ways to acquire minimalism in the kitchen is to clear the counters of anything unnecessary. Not every kitchen has an abundance of drawers and cabinet space, so having storage solutions that have a simple aesthetic are key.

We love this sleek spice rack that included a complete set of spices in elegant jars. With a set this pretty, you’re going to want to keep it on display.

Spice Rack

When choosing minimalist products, it is best to lean towards anything that is less bulky and instead has sleek clean lines. Check out this acrylic paper towel holder that is almost unseen.

acrylic paper towel holder

To reach true minimalism in the kitchen, we suggest decanting all pantry items into canisters. Every kitchen should have this 5-piece canister set. Since they are clear you can see what’s in them and they stack for space-efficient food storage. Don’t forget to label each canister!

5-piece canister set

Who wants to see and deal with the inevitable cords from your electronics? This cord storage organizer allows you to hide all cords into a box. Who knew cords could look this good?!

cord storage organizer

Every room is always in need of these acrylic stackable drawer organizers. Whether in the kitchen, office, or bathroom, these organizers are stackable and come in various sizes to contain and compartmentalize all of your smaller items in place. Perfect for that “messy drawer” that everyone has - so why not organize it so you can actually see what you have?

acrylic stackable drawer organizers

With these simple organization solutions you can easily achieve and maintain minimalism throughout your home. Remember, the less clutter around you, the less chaos in your life. An organized space is an organized mind is an organized life.

Looking for more products for your home? Check out our shop.


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