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Organizer’s Essentials Checklist: Linens with Boll & Branch

*This blog was written in partnership with Boll & Branch, and contains affiliate links

No matter the home you step into, there is a central piece of furniture that defines much of where we spend our time as human beings, the bed! On average, we will spend about ⅓ of our lives in our beds. With this, something that is often overlooked is having beautiful linens we are excited to slip into each night, and how to properly care for them! In partnership with Boll & Branch, styling their Signature Hemmed Sheet Set Imagine It Done is bringing you our essential checklist for linen care & tips.

1. Washing & Dry Cleaning Timeline

Your linens should be laundered, either machine washed or dry cleaned, ideally once a week. At most they should not go unwashed for more than two weeks.

2. Use a Wrinkle Releaser

By using a wrinkle releasing spray on your linens, you will ensure they always have that fresh, crisp look on your bed that you achieved right after wash day!

3. Don’t Forget the Top Sheet

When you make your bed with the intended top sheet from your set, you create a barrier between your body and your duvet cover, comforter or blanket. This allows that item to stay cleaner for longer and the layers ensure you stay warm even in the coldest months.

4. Consider Linens for Different Seasons

Depending on where you live and your year-round climates, you may want to consider having summer bedding and winter bedding. When your surroundings are quite hot, you may want to consider a Percale set which will remain cool and crisp. During the colder months, a Flannel set will be sure to keep you cozy. You could also include throw blankets for the colder months, such as the Boll & Branch Cable Knit Throw.

5. Keep Multiple Sets Available

Try to keep between 2-4 different sets of linens available to you in your closet. This way, you always have a clean set when your current set needs to be laundered, you will have fresh sets for guests, and in case of spills or cleaning emergencies.

6. Fold Your Sets Together

To keep your linen closet looking tidy, organized, and easy to navigate, fold all of your linen sets into one another and label them on the shelves. This should include your fitted sheet, top sheet, and all pillowcases that come with the set.


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