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Give your home mini makeover without buying anything

Simple and elegant living room

Let’s be honest, after spending a month or more in our home, we all are a little tired of the view. It is the perfect time to change things up. You can do so without buying anything. Just by rearranging furnishings and accessories you will have a brand new look.

Makeover decorating is fun, enlightening and motivating. The best part is that you can practice this as often as you want. Once you get started you’ll see how purposeful and rewarding it can be. Consider this a mini home makeover.

Take one space at a time and think about how you can rearrange it for better functionality and a fresher, less cluttered look.

1. Begin in the living room.

If you’re quarantined with the family watching more TV than usual, angle the sofa and side chairs so everyone has a perfect seat in the house. To discourage TV watching, position chairs so the coffee table is the centerpiece.

Go on a treasure hunt in your own home looking at the accessories , editing out what doesn’t spark your interest and make piles for give away and toss.

Look in other rooms for accessories that might not add any excitement where they are and bring them into your rearranged living space. For example, the vases on a window sill in the kitchen are a good candidate for repurposing. Add lovely fresh flowers, place it on a side table next to picture frames. Look for candlesticks you have pushed into a corner or top shelf in the crowded entry closet or upper shelf in the kitchen. Place them on an entryway console for ambience when you enter your home.

2. The easiest redo is in your bedroom.

Change your linens to something you might have tucked into piles in the linen closet. Add a decorative pillow sitting on the sofa to perk up the look of the bed. Change the way you make the bed by stacking pillows differently.

Remove as much tabletop clutter from your home, keeping the accessories you love visible and perhaps moving them to different rooms. Instead of all photos framed arranged on window sills, group them by event in areas where you will see them more often.

If you have draperies and shades, consider keeping your shades open to let the light inside.

Create cozy vibes by rearranging the placement of floor lamps. Shaded lamps with different lighting settings add ambiance and serenity.

3. Spend whatever energy you have left in the kitchen.

Countertop clutter should be your first focus. If you have storage trays, pull them out from hiding. Corral mail, medicines and all of the other miscellaneous items onto these trays. This will help contain them on your countertops and help you see what you need.

A home makeover doesn’t need to take weeks or break the bank. You have what you need to give your home the refresh and new look you have long waited for! Welcome home!

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