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How to properly store holiday decor

Christmas ornament on a tree

Holiday decor is one of the few things we store for most of the year and take out for a few short weeks to display. Then, we must pack it back up again.

These items also often include things that are sentimental. Whether it is a baby’s first Christmas ornament, a keepsake from a grandmother or an item you handmade, it is worth putting some effort into storing them carefully and efficiently.

Organizing your holiday decor well will not only save you time and energy, but also keep it safe and make it last longer.

Here are some tips in keeping your Christmas ornaments, lights and other decor organized and packed up properly.

1. Edit the decorations when you take them down

Before wrapping up ornaments and placing them into their bins, discard those that are too dusty, broken, or unappealing. Post Christmas sales are a great time to replace old ornaments, so make room for any new decor you find by getting rid of the old.

2. Storage bins are the best solution for storing all decorations.

Use plastic storage containers with tight seals. These will protect your decor from getting smashed or wet. Place them up off the floor on shelves or racks in case of flooding. Make sure you label each bin with the name of the contents so you can better find what you are looking for next year.

This wheeled storage bag is great for storing artificial trees and making it easy to move in and out of place. For wreaths, use this storage bag.

3. Repurpose used wrapping paper

Wrapping paper is often used once and tossed, especially if it is crumpled. But shredded wrapping paper makes great packing filler for delicate ornaments. Simply cut or rip it into strips and keep in a bag until you are ready to pack up your Christmas decorations.

4. Store delicate ornaments carefully

First, try to keep the original packing boxes your ornament came in. If you don’t have them, place each ornament in a resealable sandwich bag and then place it gently into an egg carton ( for smaller ones) or a liquor carton (for larger ornaments). Stuff with tissue paper and the shredded paper.

If you are looking for a more permanent solution, try one of the following ornament storage systems: ornament storage case, three-tray ornament storage bag, two-tray ornament storage bag, gift box ornament storage, pocket ornament keeper or adjustable ornament keeper.

Fragile ornaments are best stored at the top of a tote or box. The deeper you have to dig inside a box, the greater the chance you will damage ornaments when you go to pull them out.

5. Use an empty coffee can to store lights.

An empty coffee can creates a nice circular spool that enables you to wrap lights for safe storage, to avoid possible tangling. Or buy this storage case made specifically for lights. Be sure to place colored lights in a dark place to prevent them from fading. Test all lights at the beginning of the season and discard or fix those that are broken.

6. Save extra wrapping paper, ribbon and holiday cards with your Christmas decor.

It’s always nice to start the season with a stock of Christmas wrapping paper. But it is a pain to wrangle the tubes and ribbon. This storage case makes it easy to keep your supply of wrapping supplies organized. Pair it with this ribbon box and this greeting card case, and you will be ready to wrap gifts efficiently next year.

Holiday decor is meaningful, sentimental and festive, adding the extra special tradition that aligns with family values. Taking additional time and thought to store and preserve will help ensure the ritual of decoration to be a festive, not stressful, project.

Looking for more tips on organized storage? Check out this past blog post. You might also be interested in this blog by the Porch.


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