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Creative Ideas for a Reading and Writing Room

Creative Ideas for a Reading and Writing Room

If you love to read and write, it's important to make sure that your reading and writing space is comfortable. The room in which you do both of these activities should be a place where you feel at home, but also somewhere with the tools and supplies needed to get work done. We've put together an extensive list of items we think are ideal for creating a reading and writing room in your home.

1. Adjustable lighting is key in a reading and writing room

You probably know that the right lighting is important for writing and reading. It's not just about being able to see what you're doing, but also about feeling comfortable and relaxed. “A warm glow can help your brain relax and make you feel cozy, which will help you focus on the task at hand without distraction,” says Amanda Sanchez, a creative writer at ConfidentWriters and SolidEssay. Plus, if you're working with a partner or friend in your writing room, adjustable lighting can allow both of you to have the perfect ambiance for your work (and maybe even enjoy some movie nights).

2. A bean bag chair

A bean bag chair is a perfect addition to a reading and writing room. They are comfortable, versatile, and can be used for many different purposes. Bean bag chairs come in all sizes, colors, and shapes; so finding one that matches your child’s personality will not be difficult. They are also great for adults who like to relax while reading or writing at home.

3. A bookshelf to display your favorite books, collected knickknacks, and family photos

If you want to show off your favorite books, collectibles, or family photos, a bookshelf can serve as the perfect centerpiece for your reading and writing room. You can even use it to store your favorite books while they're not in use. If you have a lot of books, you might consider buying two smaller shelves instead of one large one. This will make it easier to put them back on the shelf when finished reading them.

4. A comfortable chair for reading & a second for company!

A comfortable chair is key to a successful reading and writing room. You'll want a chair that you can sit in for long periods of time without getting stiff or sore, but also one that's adjustable so you can change the height and angle as needed. A footrest would also be great!

5. White noise machines for unwanted sounds (or music if you prefer!)

White noise machines are another useful tool in the battle against unwanted sounds. They often come with several different settings, including fan, rain, and ocean sounds. Some also have options for playing music and creating a meditative or spa-like ambiance that can be used to calm a child before bedtime or help them focus during homework time.

White noise machines are versatile enough that they can be used in multiple rooms; some models even have remote controls so you don't have to go into your child's room every time you want something changed! The same goes for apps on mobile devices: white noise apps can play whatever type of sound you choose (or loop all types at once) from anywhere, which means there's no need for a bulky machine sitting next to your kid's bedside table anymore.

6. A (hidden) mini fridge for cold drinks and snacks

A mini fridge is a great way to have cold drinks and snacks on hand, especially if you're living in a dorm room or other tight space. If you have a small kitchen, this is an especially good option because it takes up less space than a full-sized one. A small refrigerator can be kept in plain sight or hidden away behind furniture, depending on how much privacy you want.

“You'll need to make sure the cord isn't visible (this is why many fridges are hidden), so consider running it under the carpeting or hiding it behind furniture that matches your decor; otherwise, be prepared for some unsightly wires!” notes Rachel Burns, a home design writer at BeeStudent and Paper-Research.

7. Curtains on the window

Curtains on the window are an easy way to block out distractions, create privacy and temperature control, or simply add some decorative interest to your space.

8. Plants and decorations like posters, flags, artwork -- whatever motivates you!

Curtains on the window are an easy way to block out distractions, create privacy and temperature control, or simply add some decorative interest to your space.

We hope these ideas help you out with setting up your reading and writing room! Remember, it's all about the space that works best for you. If something doesn't work out well or seems boring, don't be afraid to change it up again and try something else.

This is a guest post by Jeff Peters. He is a writer and editor at SwiftPapers and ResearchOver. He writes primarily on topics related to property and interior design.


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