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Client Tell All: My experience: WOW

This is part of our ongoing series where clients tell their personal stories. Here is one from Liv Schreiber

"I have literally no words (and I'm quite the talker) to describe the experience with IID and what it did for me.

Lisa is a literal organizing Tinkerbell, and her team spread fairy dust around my studio apartment in the West Village. Often time you see organizing shows or IG content and think, "I can do that"... but, no. What these women do is not something that can be replicated nor mimicked. Before ... I felt trapped in my apartment. Now... (not to be cheesy) but I feel wrapped in a literal IID cocoon and now am able to grow into a butterfly in my space.

They are true professionals, and since working with them my life has felt cleaner, I have a pattern to follow, and friends have remarked that I even seem like a different person!

Lisa's team was a joy to work with. They brought such positive, supportive attitudes to my home, and went above and beyond to return items, help me source handymen and instruct them, to clean out areas, etc. I'm in my twenties, and IID has taught me that nothing is more invaluable than investing in your home health.

I could write 10 more paragraphs, but the fact that you're still here means you're still curious about hiring a professional organizer. So what I'm telling you is- just do it. Hire IID. Your life will change for the better. This service is my #1 recommended tip for anyone moving in/living in the city. your space defines you- and I'm so grateful that IID now gets to define me!"

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