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Moss Is Having A Moment

Moss as decor

Plants, including mosses, are being recognized for their amazing healing properties. They have many functions such as increased mood and productivity, enhanced concentration and memory, reduced stress and fatigue, and improved air quality.

According to, “lack of air flow allows for indoor air pollution to build up and cause health issues like asthma or sick building syndrome.” Bring plants in to your home to help elevate your space, create fresh air, and create a positive environment during the cold winter months where greenery and outdoor air is limited. We talked about the benefits of having flowers in your home here.

The latest trend in the green space is decorating with moss. It has been popping up everywhere, on runways, in architectural digest, and in hotel and co-working spaces. Having moss around you brings tranquility and comfort into your home.

Make no mistake Moss fever is not new. The ancient quality of Moss is part of its appeal. In Maine, Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Moss Garden is the perfect ideal of a moss garden. At the Hoh Rainforest, in Washington State where towering maples draped in spike moss form an ecosystem virtually unchanged for thousands of years you actually expect to see dinosaurs!

flower plant with moss

Check out these tips for moss maintenance during the winter:

Decorating With Moss:

Moss adds a beautiful decorative element to your home. It can be added on top of the soil in your house plant’s pot or even on its own in a pot or a glass jar as a terrarium. Did you know there are over 15,000 different species of moss?

Watering Your Moss:

The great part about moss maintenance is that is require very little sunlight, it can be placed near the window for some morning light. Moss are fans of damp environments so it is important to keep the soil consistently moist. You can simply mist it with a spray bottle filled with water a few times a week.

Check out these various ways to decorate with moss from small garden ideas.

moss used in a flowering plant


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