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Mother's Day Feature: Debbie Maizner

Debbie and family

This is the third in our Mother's Day feature about moms we admire. Check out day one and day two.

Debbie Maizner helped her oldest daughter, Ariella, create a tie die clothing company called Theme. Theme is a limited edition clothing collection designed and sewn by the eleven year old. In just a few short months of launch, Ariella and Theme are quickly winning the hearts of major fashion influencers, founders, huge designers/CEOs and most importantly teens, tweens, young girls and their moms. Debbie has stood by her daughter and helped her to live her dream.

You have several young children. How are you able to balance home life while having a full time job and helping your daughter with her business?

I feel so lucky to have such a supportive family. Everyone helps each other out. Especially during this time, while we stay home together, we are like one big team. Ariella is so driven, creative, caring, organized and thoughtful. So it’s really fun and special to support what she is building. I am proud of all of my kids. She and her brother, Asher, are always helping and playing with Noa, their little sister. And, I have the best husband in the world, so that makes things a lot easier!

How do you organize your home while keeping your kids in mind? How are you able to manage all of their stuff?

I think less is more for kids (and adults too!). We live in the city and everything has to have a space, meaning and a positive purpose. We try to donate or hand down what the kids aren’t using or have grown out of often. Ariella is very into keeping her room and closet organized. She’s learned from the best... Lisa ;). We also have a system of bins for after school activities and school work that makes finding what we need for dance, sewing or soccer faster and less stressful each day when we are in a rush. I am also a big list and calendar person, which helps a lot, because there is a lot to remember with three kids. I always ask my kids to help too. They clean up, make their beds, and keep their rooms organized independently.

Which parts of your own life are the most and least organized?

My home for the most part is very organized. Our lives are very busy filled with lots of fun and important activities. I live for my calendar. I also set alarms on my phone for things I don’t want to forget. (Like zoom meetings for homeschool!) But if I miss an email and it doesn’t make it on the calendar that’s when things could get overlooked. Luckily with a lot of close mom friends we often are reminding each other of important things coming up so that helps.

Your number one tip for a new mom:

Wow it’s hard to pick just one. I would say take lots of “family only” vacations so you can have dedicated family time. Don't be afraid to travel far, it is great to expose your kids to different cultures even at a really young age. (We started traveling far when Ariella was just 6 weeks old.) Find time to make family meals at home as often as you can and take your baby to dinner with you too. Finally, make sure to also take time for yourself...find your passion, work, work out, go out ... It makes you a better mom.

How did you get your start and what was your initial inspiration?

Ariella started sewing when she was 6 years old. And by 9 it was clearly her passion. For a year she begged me to start her brand and line. Helping her follow her dream has been the most fun ever. She is an inspiration to me and so many others. I love that my whole family can be part of this together.

Since you help your daughter run her business, how do you divide up your responsibilities?

She is the designer, creative director, and heartbeat of everything Theme. I support her with events, partnerships, production and operations. But she has a great sense for business and is always learning and helping on all aspects. I learn from her!

What’s something you didn’t know about your daughter before starting Theme together that you learned along the way?

I’ve really loved watching her grow. She has incredible opportunities to meet with very influential and successful people in the business. I am wowed by the way she speaks and shares her ideas. She is thoughtful, knows and owns her own style. She is always creating new designs that are ahead of the trends. I’m blown away by her vision.

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