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Mother's Day Feature: Rebecca Minkoff

Mom and fashion brand owner Rebecca Minkoff with her children

This is the second in our Mother's Day feature. Check out day one here.

Embodying 21st century femininity in all its multidimensionality, Rebecca Minkoff encourages her audience to confidently own the many roles they occupy and their many moods and feelings. Since launching in 2001, the brand has established itself as a destination where functionality, modern femininity, and the current cultural moment converge. The collection spans handbags, ready-to-wear, footwear, jewelry, eyewear, luggage, tech accessories, and swimwear. Through products, content, conversations and experiences, Rebecca Minkoff is dedicated to creating the modern cultural and business narrative of togetherness and a shared success.

You have several young children. How are you able to balance home life while having a full time job?

I don't believe in balance. I think it's a bad word aimed at women to make us feel like failures! I aim for being present and working when working and not working when with my kids. I aim for what my gut says about what is too much and what is too little and test my boundaries! It's not what another mom looks like on IG, it's what works for you!

Which parts of your own life are the most and least organized?

Hmm at the moment NOTHING is organized except my vitamin drawer!

What is the perfect gift for a new mom?

Rebecca Minkoff and family

How did you get your start and what was your initial inspiration?

This was back in 2001, I did an “ILoveNewYork” shirt, and just for fun, cut it up, made it a bit funky and sent it to my dear friend Jenna Elfman. She later wore it on her Jay Leno appearance that aired on September 13th, 2001. During their interview, he asked about the shirt and immediately it was everywhere; it was my jumpstart. I was so busy trying to fulfill orders, even my boss encouraged me to leave my job and start my own line.

Some years later, Jenna [Elfman] called me and asked if I wanted to do a bag for an upcoming film. I was happy to help, thinking, ‘Why not? I’ll try a bag,’ and that was the moment that led to the Morning After Bag. I had made one for Jenna and one for myself and even though it didn’t make it into the film, I planned to add it into the clothing line, as an accessory piece nonetheless. I had no intention of designing handbags, but when DailyCandy wrote about it shortly thereafter, it took off. At that moment, I transitioned to exclusively handbags, only offering the Morning After Bag in different colorways. I kept the focus on the details (i.e. theme and story around each bag), using beautiful leathers and trims. At that time, the showroom I was with told me I had to offer more than one bag and that is where it all began.

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