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13 Top Kitchen Design Trends Everyone Is Talking About

top kitchen design trends

With all of us spending significantly more time at home in the past few months, and all the lockdown bread making and cooking trends that exploded to keep everyone busy (and sane), you may be wanting to update your kitchen.

Re-doing your kitchen or getting a new one completely can be quite the challenge. Staying on trend is important if you want a fashionable and Instagram worthy kitchen but you may feel at a loss when picking your favorite style. There are tons of new brands popping up this year, as well as lots of new innovative designs and clever twists on old appliances that aren’t just fashionable but also affordable!

Read on to discover 13 kitchen design trends that are taking over, and get your kitchen of dreams before you know it!

1. Clever, compact design

Also known as concealed kitchens, these kitchen designs maximize the space available to avoid clutter and maximize efficiency. These kitchens are great for small apartments and houses with limited kitchen space. Key features include using the vertical space too, for example, by incorporating tall wall units.

2. Smart kitchens

2022 is undoubtedly the year of technological progress, and this rings true to kitchen design as well. “This kitchen design trend includes all sorts of smart gadgets to make your life easier, such as motion sensitive water faucets and programmed coffee makers,” says Johanna Utris, a design writer at Assignment Help and Ukservicesreviews.

3. Colored cabinets

Traditionally, kitchens have stayed white almost in their entirety, but this is changing. Out with the white cabinets, in with the pops of color. Accent pieces with shades of blue and green are becoming very trendy, as well as darker shades that will give your kitchen a deep, luxurious vibe.

4. Mesh cabinetry

Speaking of cabinets, wire mesh is making a comeback. This retro (ish) style gives a sophisticated twist to your average kitchen!

5. Bold color contrasts

Pops of color aren’t reserved exclusively to cabinets, with kitchen tiles being on the opposite color wheel or the cupboards! This will give your kitchen a refreshing and original touch!

6. The sink skirt

Once considered frumpy, the sink skirt has come back to stay. Giving your kitchen a variation of texture, it can also prove to be easier to maneuver than cupboards or drawers.

7. Marble

Marble in a kitchen is a timeless classic. Never gets old, never looks outdated, always luxurious, and seemingly good as new. If you’re looking for an all-round winner, pick marble for your kitchen.

8. Go dark

Very dark or even black walls have always been relayed to accent pieces, never worthy of the spotlight. Depending on your kitchen however, dark walls can create a very inviting, homely feel.

9. Statement lights

If you’re looking for a bold, yet discreet design, look for statement lighting. “You may immediately think of a chandelier, but in fact statement lights can vary greatly, so picking the right ones for your kitchen can turn your space from a mediocre design to an awe inducing masterpiece,” explains Anna Oliver, a blogger at Revieweal and State Of Writing.

10. Gold finishes

Retro is the way forward and gold finishes are back baby! Gold finishes will make your kitchen glimmer and glitter, giving it a glamorous but fun twist.

11. Metallic finishes

Gold isn’t the only protagonist, as there are plenty of other metals that you can use to give your kitchen a trendy look. Copper or even brass can be used to give your kitchen some industrial touches. Using metals to create kitchen furniture in its entirety is also a trend this year, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

12. Ceramics

Hardwood floors are still the winner for kitchens, but ceramics are slowly making a comeback. With much more design flexibility nowadays, not only are they more versatile but also easier to clean!

13. Connecting with nature

Quite literally! Many homeowners are redesigning their kitchens to connect with their back garden or patio areas. This is easier than it sounds, by simply removing a wall and replacing it with a glass wall or even a sliding door, the possibilities are endless and you can dine with a view every day!

Jenny Han assists companies in their marketing strategy concepts, and contributes to numerous sites and publications. She is a writer at Essay Writing Service and editor at Assignment Service and Bigassignments.

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