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Small Spaces Part 1: Organize under the kitchen sink

The cabinet under the kitchen sink organized with bins

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To say that Covid 19 has dramatically altered daily life for now is not news to you. Many of you suddenly find yourself indoors for long hours with kids, spouses and pets.

We might as well make the most of it by using this time to bring order to our homes in the midst of the added chaos we find ourselves in.

This is the first of a small spaces series where we will walk you through the process of organizing those places in your house that can be neglected in the busyness of everyday life. These are the tucked-away spots it's easy to shut a door on and forget about. But right now, you may not be able to go anywhere.

While you have the time, let's tackle: Under the kitchen sink.

The cabinet under your kitchen sink is a great place to start purging and organizing. This area is a magnet for clutter in part because the tangled pipes and filters that go with the sink make it hard to start with a blank slate. It’s easy to add to the jumble with all of our miscellaneous items.

We recommend reserving this space for cleaning items for the kitchen. Any other items should go in the laundry room or utility room. This includes items like bathroom cleaners, laundry detergents, vacuum filters, dust busters, toilet paper, hardware, etc.

Here is a quick three-step process to organize the cabinet under your sink.

1. Start by emptying the cabinet of all contents.

This is how we start all of our organization projects. You need to empty out the area to see what you have and be able to go through it. Only then can you decide what should stay and what should go. Now that it is empty, take the opportunity to give the cabinet a good cleaning.

2. Separate out the items that are kitchen-related

This includes things like your waste basket, dishwasher detergent, dish soap, hand soap, scrubbers or sponges, countertop kitchen cleaners, sink cleaner, oven cleaner, etc. Set aside anything that you won’t use in the kitchen. For those who keep their garbage can under the sink, try installing a track for easy pull out. We recommend this one from Simplehuman. Then place a week’s worth of garbage bags on the bottom of the bin so you don’t have to go searching for them.

Clear storage bins

3. Maximize space with clear storage bins.

Bins allow you to categorize items and find what you need when you need it. If they are clear, you can better see what is inside. Use three sizes so you can contain small accessories in one but have more space for bigger bottles. We love these ones or these ones with handles from the Container store. You can also take advantage of your cabinet door space with hooks for potholders or adhesive organizing bins. If space allows, add an extra roll of paper towels so you have it on hand.

Now that all of your kitchen-related items are in their place, cleaning and using your kitchen will be a little bit easier.

What areas are you tackling while at home? Let us know by commenting below or sending us a DM on Instagram.

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