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In-person organization consultation

Sometimes the hardest part is getting started ...

However chaotic, you've been living in a state of disorganization for awhile. And maybe you've gotten used to it. 

You know your mental wellbeing would improve and your life would be simpler if you could just get organized, but it's overwhelming to think about undertaking such a big project. 

Just take the first step in the right direction. 

We offer in-person consultations so you can do that. Our team will meet with you and discuss your personal challenges and unique space. Then we will map out a plan tailored to you.

In Person Consultations include:

All of our projects start with consultation. Two members of the Imagine it Done team will join you in your home to gather information that will be used to formulate a plan and calculate an estimate for a full organization. 

  • One to two hours of time that we spend with you in your home.

  • During this time, we measure, take photos of the areas of consideration, and discuss your plan and lifestyle

  • This is collaborative session where we discuss your organizational challenges and needs and share how we can bring your goals to life

We have found our clients breathe easier even after taking this first step, because it is the first step to a new life of more mental energy and a home they love. 


Michele Greenburg

I was a hoarder, with overcrowded rooms filled with magazines, newspapers, cosmetics and too much clothing. My new home had become cluttered within the first year. After two years, I decided to bring Lisa into my life. Within two months, a massive cleanup was undertaken in every room - and it has changed my life forever. I learned two things from my experience: I should have started this process long ago; and Lisa Jacobs is a life-saver!

Ashley Krueger


It was so wonderful having Imagine It Done at my apartment. When the team left, my throat got tight. It felt like I was about to cry.

At first, my husband was not happy with me for scheduling another organizer and he couldn't believe all the product we ordered. After seeing the final results, he really does love everything  the team has done. I have used other organizers in the past and I have to say your services stand out by far compared to the others. Your team is so helpful, kind, friendly, patient, and non-judgmental.

Lindsi Lane

Founder at So Lindsi

With the big move into my new place, I had to call in the big guns: a personal organizer. Lisa Jacobs not only came into my life, but I will never let her out! Here is why!

Very simply, Lisa managed to take every mess I had and turn it into a space that was my own personalized store, housing all my clothing and accessories in the neatest of ways, pretty eye and sleep and chic. It was truly magical watching her work. And I will continue to watch her work throughout the process of my apartment coming together! I'll never let her go! 

Lisa Jacobs, Imagine it Done Founder

About Lisa Jacobs

Lisa Jacobs, founder and CEO of Imagine it Done, created her business in 2004 after discovering her innate ability to organize whatever chaos came her way. 


It was after 3 children and 7 moves that she realized the task, process and moving projects were more than a hobby, rather a lifestyle. Deliberately, for the next several years she concentrated on establishing a business from this passion.

After more than a decade, Imagine it Done has grown into a leading business in its category.  Imagine it Done provides home organization services to clients throughout the NY and Tristate area. Through our social media platforms, we educate our worldwide followers with videos, products, photos, and tips on how to get and stay organized. We believe “An organized space is an organized mind is an organized life.”

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