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If I'm so organized, why can't I get organized?

A professional organizer works with a client

We often hear that hiring a Professional Organizer is “nice to have” and a decision that is going to break the bank. But did you know that hiring a professional organizer is one of the healthiest, smart decisions you can make for a lifestyle change?

Little known fact: organization has been around for centuries. Life is full of uncontrollable chaos, but living does not have to be. Even if you are an organized person, you still need help to get organized in your space. For example, you want to declutter, but you do not know where to start. Or your family is moving, and you have lived in the same home for 30+ years. How, when and where does one begin? It is during these challenging situations when we suffer from decision fatigue and anxiety. Imagine how much stuff we accumulate in decades of living in one space. Believe it or not, the average American home has 300,000 items in it! Time to hire a professional organizer.

Organization does not have to be isolated to life changing situations. It can simply be a refresh or an exercise in learning techniques on how to live a functional, edited, peaceful lifestyle. Regardless of the size of your home, we ALL tend to collect way too much stuff. Decluttering and organizing does not have to be a daunting task. It can be as simple as making piles that say, “keep,” “donate,” and sell. Hiring a professional organizer brings a trained, fresh perspective for your personal space. Organizers do not just organize. We educate. It’s not just about the before and after, it is in the process we call “the during” where we inspire, motivate, impart tools, tips and tricks on how to incorporate these systems into your daily life. In other words, it’s not just about Instagram perfection. It is your reality for life.

As our lives are filled with complexity and we long to break through the clutter to find simplicity, there is nothing we love more than our client’s satisfaction at the end of a project. Here are a few reasons why and how a professional organizer will help you. Here’s to ‘imagining it done’ and living life to the fullest!

Lisa Jacobs, professional organizer

Here are ways that professional organizers can help you get your home in order:

1. Organizers can create a thoughtful plan for your space and its flow with vision, creativity and depth to fit specifically your lifestyle.

  • We look at vertical space maximization, odd corners, nooks and crannies – all of the parts of a home that are sometimes overlooked or under-utilized. That blank space that perhaps you’ve stared at millions of times becomes a whole new possibility with the help of an organizer.

2. Organizers are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to accessorizing with practical product to fit the space and keep things in their place.

  • It is an organizer’s job to stay at the forefront of tried & true as well as new product coming onto the market that can create functional solutions for your space.

  • Without the help of an organizer, you may end up spending even more money constantly trying to buy products to make something work, but may not make sense without a trained eye to guide you.

3. Organizers will help you purge and de-attach from your things when you can’t make decisions on your own.

  • We have zero emotional attachment to your items and come only with a practical eye. The term “one in, one out” makes more sense when you're sitting with an Organizer: they allow you to see the space you have allowing you to feel eager to make space for newer items instead of constantly packing everything in.

  • We also do the legwork to handle donations of the things you are ready to part with and “donate,” so you know it is going to a good place – and we physically take it away to donations so you know it won’t sit in a corner of your room for months on end once the purge process is over!

4. Hiring a professional organizer brings a trained, fresh perspective for your personal space.

bags filled with items to purge
  • Think of it this way: organization is like trying give yourself a haircut or attempting to pay your taxes online rather than hiring an accountant. You can do it, but it is a lot more effective when you have a trained eye on board to make the end result the right result. In all of these situations, you will undoubtedly be successful with a professional plan and call to action.

5. Perhaps the most important reason: Organizers bring productivity to your life.

  • Having the help of an Organizer ultimately allow you to have a stress-free mindset when you walk into your home. When you live in a space where the clutter is clear and everything has a place, your brain automatically feels organized and can function clearer. With our lives constantly being so fast-paced and hectic, allow an Organizer to make your home your place of zen and calm.

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