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How to make your move stress-free, even in a pandemic

Moving with Lisa Jacobs

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Moving the Imagine it Done Way

Moving can be an overwhelming process.

In a matter of days or weeks, you have to pack up the total of life’s belongings that you and your family have accumulated for decades. Let’s be real, we all have a tendency to collect far more than we will ever need for the rest of our lives.

It’s not like life stops in the middle of this process. You are still juggling work, kids, and home life, all while trying to get creative with what remains in your pantry. (Cookies for breakfast, anyone?)

Since the Pandemic, we see many of our clients choosing to make a move: seeking a change from the tight confines of the city, moving an adult child home for a season, or because of a change in job or profession.

Moving can be stressful regardless of the time of the year. The confusion of the Pandemic just adds fuel to fire.

For those of you who find yourself in the middle of a move, or are planning to move, we have some life-saving tips to make the project stress free.

Edit your belongings before you pack

1. Edit before you pack

There is no reason you need to hold on to those pre-baby jeans that don’t fit anymore, that tennis sweater from high school or those thousands of videos and memorabilia you can never seem to find. We get it! There are lots of things we all hold on to for sentimental reasons or that thought of, “Well, maybe this might come in handy at some point.” Let it go. Now is the perfect time to lighten your load. There’s no sense in hauling around relics from the past, things you never used, or duplicates.

When you are moving, everything you own should have a purpose and function in your current life and future. It is helpful to remember that the stuff you have collected through the years might have had a relevant purpose. Be comforted to know that memories live on forever and stuff is replaceable. The thousands of photos that have been thrown into drawers and kept loosely into photo albums can now be digitized. This updated method will allow you to revisit your photos more frequently and conveniently. The clothing that is outdated, may not even fit, and just isn’t who you are anymore will be someone else’s treasure.

Going room by room, start by taking everything out of the closet or dresser. Go through each item and decide whether to keep, toss, donate or give away. For clothing, ask yourself: Does it fit? Does it flatter? Does it make you feel like a million bucks?

If you are looking to donate any items that you want to get rid of, here is a list of places that are currently accepting donations.

  • Goodwill NYNJ: You can drop off any donations at their store locations between 11 AM- 7 PM

  • Nordstrom Local Upper East Side & West Village: Donations can be dropped off dropped from 10 AM- 6 PM (does not say an appointment is required)

  • 1800GOTJUNK: Make an appointment on their website (

  • The RealReal: Offers virtual consignment appointments with complimentary curbside pickup or drop-off.

Moving tips: Use heavy zip lock storage bags (pictured) to pack

2. Pack up with a purpose

Most people are just trying to get packing done as soon as possible. Now is NOT the time to dump everything in a box. This is a recipe for a nervous breakdown on the other end when you are moving into your new home.

Pack room by room. Then within each room, divide your belongings by category, keeping like items together. This will help you as you unpack to know where each bag, tote or box should end up.

Your packing strategy is the number one factor that determines how productive and life-changing the next chapter of your life will be. You determine whether it is another memory or a new nightmare.

Imagine it Done offers a moving service that can make this project a dream come true. We will introduce you to our preferred moving company and work together every step of the way to effect a seamless experience.

Whether it be a new home, a downsize or upgrade, you want to give it purpose by revisiting what you have and focusing on what you truly need. Enjoy the beginning of the rest of your life.

  • Imagine it Done staff personally oversees a soft pack and leaves the big stuff to the moving company. We pack up your personal belongings; clothing, bathroom, dresser, and random drawers, linens, and towels. The movers pack the kitchen, playroom, furniture, TVs, appliances, electronics, lighting, art, laundry, and cleaning supplies. (All the heavy stuff.) Do you really want them sorting through your drawers, closets, bathrooms, and desk?

  • We recommend using various-sized tarp, heavy-duty zippered storage bags that allow you to contain all the categorized clothing, handbags. shoes, linens, and pillows. Use extra large and jumbo heavy-duty ziplock storage bags to keep smaller items secure such as cosmetics, medicinals, jewelry, toys, and papers.

  • Label everything. We suggest attaching removable adhesive labels to one side with a bold font. Removable is important as it allows you to reuse these bags over and over changing only the label. Nothing is worse than getting it all packed and then wasting time searching for something.

Before you pack up the truck, have all your home textiles (rugs, couches or curtains) cleaned for a fresh start at your new place. Clean NYC can get this done in no time.

Imagine it Done working with a moving company on moving day

3. Moving Day

On the day of the move out of your home, Imagine it Done works efficiently with the moving company in removing all soft packed items along with the wrapped and packed cartons and helps place them onto their truck. Together, the teams move onto the new location and begin the collaboration of what will make the house a home. All supplies, bags, and cartons are swiftly unpacked, removing the clutter from the move.

We can help create a peaceful, organized home with systems tailored for your lifestyle.

Curious how it works? Hear from a previous client, Abby, on how we helped her during her move.

Ready to book Imagine it Done’s moving service? Contact us to schedule your move.


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