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Small Spaces Part 3: Six tips for an organized entryway

Organized entryway with console table

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Feeling a little cabin fever in the wake of Coronavirus lockdowns? Take advantage of the extra time at home to get organized.

This is the third of our Small Spaces Series, where we will walk you through the process of organizing those places in your house that can be neglected in the busyness of everyday life. These are the tucked-away spots it's easy to shut a door on and forget about. You can view Part 1, which covers how to organize the space under your kitchen sink, and Part 2, on organizing your entryway closet.

Up next is an organized entryway.

The entryway is the gateway to your home, which welcomes you and your guests. This space sets the ambiance of your home.

It’s easy to skip over this area, however, maybe because it can often be small in apartments or because it isn’t considered an exciting space with the design potential of a room like the living room or bedroom.

Still, it gets a lot of traffic and can easily get congested with discarded shoes, coats, and other items. With a little time, however, you can add some flare to this space while balancing utility with esthetic.

Here are six tips on how to strike that balance:

1. Pick the right paint color and decor.

True, a paint color won’t make your entryway more organized, but it will set the tone.The right paint color can energize or soothe your mind as you enter and leave your home. Buy high quality paint in a color that coordinates with the rest of your home. It’s an inexpensive and easy way to freshen up your entry.

Tie it all together with accessories, like this area rug from Wayfair.

2. Add a console table or shelving.

Peekaboo Acrylic Console Table

If space permits, a console table can give you a place to keep items that you frequently need. Here are two simple console tables we love that can a striking look to an entryway: The Folsom Console Table from Pottery Barn and the Peekaboo Acrylic Console Table from CB2.

But be careful. If neglected, your console table can turn into a hotspot for accessory pile ups. To prevent this, consider trays for containing keys, change, wallets, phones and sunglasses. If you have the extra space, add a vase with flowers in it or a plant to brighten up and add life to the room.

If there isn’t space for a table, consider floating shelves. Shelves can provide the same space for trays and also provide opportunities for a little decor. Our favorite is the Nolan Wall Shelf from West Elm.

3. Use decorative mesh baskets under the table or a storage bench

Modern Weave Storage Bin from West Elm

Often we have items that we are constantly dropping off and picking up. Baskets keep these things easily accessible at the entryway without allowing them to become a tripping hazard or marring your entryway with a mess.

Baskets are great for kids’ athletic gear, dry cleaning, pet supplies and other items you use frequently. The baskets can sit right under floating shelves or be stored on the shelves of a console table. Try the Two-Tone Woven Basket or this Modern Weave Storage Bin from West Elm.

A bench is another practical but stylish option. This bench from West Elm has storage built in.

4. Mount wall hooks or use a coat rack for coats and scarves.

Umrba Sticks wall rack

How often do you pick up stray coats and scarves from the backs of chairs or on the couch and other places all over your house? Having a designated spot that is easy to use right at the entryway can prevent this and gives you a place to store guest’s coats.

The Umbra Sticks wall rack has hooks that fold up when not in use. Or try these wall hooks from Design Within Reach.

5. Place a shoe rack or boot tray close to the front door.

Container Store Book Tray

Shoe racks in your entryway are great for two reasons. First, it gets rid of the shoe pile that inevitably can occur without any place to store them. Second, a shoe rack provides a gentle reminder for family and guests to remove their shoes at the door. This way dirt and debris doesn’t get tracked into your home and across your floors. There are many stylish options available, including our favorites from the Container Store here.

6. Use an umbrella stand

An umbrella stand is a great bonus item to add to an entryway. It provides a practical way to store umbrellas. If people have somewhere to drop them off when they enter, it keeps them from accumulating in other areas and also avoids water from being dripped across your floors. When items like these are contained, you know what you have so you don’t keep buying extras and accumulating more stuff than necessary. You can find our favorite umbrellas stands here and here.

With these accessories, you can turn your entryway into an area packed with purpose. Welcome your guests into your home with ease. It will also be a breath of fresh air for you as you enter and leave your home.

For more items that can help you organize your entryway, check out our shop.


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