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Podcast Episode: Imagine It Done with Vinny Guadanino

Podcast Episode: Imagine It Done with Carl Radke

About the podcast

In the years before social media glamorized the home organization industry, Lisa Jacobs was hard at work founding what would become New York City’s premiere organization and lifestyle brand, Imagine It Done. This series gives listeners an in depth view of Lisa’s journey to where she is today, being a working mother and small business trailblazer, the ins and outs of building a brand, and where she sees the industry scaling from here. With Lisa you will truly learn - an organized space, is an organized mind, is an organized life.

Episode 16

Most would know Vinny Guadanino from MTV’s Jersey Shore and his various hosting roles over the past decade. In this episode, we dive deeper into Vinny’s personal thoughts around an organized space, what that can do for your life and creativity, some of his family life, as well as a look into his emerging comedy career. This episode will give you a look inside the life of a personality you’ve seen in your homes, with some unexpected twists along the way, and this is just the beginning of great things to come working with Vinny as he Imagines It Done.

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