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How to keep your resolutions and refresh your home

Closet organization for your master closet

Our lives are getting busier not lazier ... kids, school, work, families, travel, wellness, sickness, finance and last but not least, the home. We are endlessly looking for answers to help get control of our lives, infusing happiness with balance. The key element ,the solution to this quest is Organization, in every shape style and form.

The New Year encourages us to stop look and listen, firstly to our inner self, and to others as well. It is a time to reflect on the past and focus on the present and future, resolving to make whatever was not working , better and what was negative a positive. Hence the Resolution. Prioritize a list of important goals similar to the daily schedule and to do list. Putting pen to paper adds meaning and more permanence to the words. Select a functional home, easy to remember. Review the list frequently and cross off as you accomplish. This act in itself will put into motion Getting Organized.

Lisa Jacobs, professional home organizer

The best advice in getting organized is to be realistic. Set goals you know can be accomplished. In your home, do not aim to overwhelm, tackle one space at a time. Begin with the least stressful area where you are familiar with what needs to be done and ranks high priority to your lifestyle. Our lives get cluttered as we accumulate too much stuff and do not pay attention to the overload. In fact it is common for clutter to become so familiar it feels as though it’s comfortable until it is not. Like an old worn coat that still fits but isn’t fashionable and no longer keeps you warm.

Keep in mind that the hardest part to the act of Resolution and Organization is getting started. As you get familiar with the process just like learning to ride a bike, it will be routine and unforgettable.

Begin with the Edit. Sort through each and every item, making decisions; stuff you love and need for keepers, donate, give away, consign and finally toss.

Categorize, regardless of what in your home you are editing. Check expirations. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, does it fit does it flatter, does it make you feel like a million bucks. In grouping your stuff you will then have a clearer vision of what you will organize.

Edit once again. this time will be a breeze.

Organize into the spaces most sensible for the stuff. Every room, closet, cabinet, shelf, drawer needs the love, direction and deliberation. The goal is to create function for your day to day life.

Curate is the last but not least step in this project. Attention to detail making everything look like you have always dreamed it should. Picture perfect!

Now close your eyes, envision a home free of clutter and rif raf. A home where there is order and efficiency. A home where everything has a home. Stop and know you have just Imagined it Done!

Warning!! Resolutions and Organization may cause fatigue, stress and discomfort. Hire the expert to make this new year begin with a positive. Remember your intentions and trust the expert.


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